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Building the AMS8060 - Issues
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Author Building the AMS8060 - Issues
Started building the AMS8060 today and have noted a few issues.

1. the BOM is NOT fully correct. R38 and R40 are missing (luckily the build notes has the schematic which tells you what they are).

2. The aluminium panel I bought from AMS has pretty large jack holes...too large in fact for most of my jacks. Have gone to using some Erthenvar jacks whose diameter appears to fit.

3. There are 3 versions of the build docs on the web. I accidentally logged into V1.0, but then went to 2.2 and 2.3 All of them were on AMS sites. Its a bit confusing as links from and seem to point to different build docs. This meant I started populating the board with 100K resistors in the wrong positions...grrr..and had to desolder 8 resistors. At least the board is lovely to work with.

My bete-noire is wiring. I'm using the pots PCB as well as the main PCB, so lets see how long it is before I scream for help, despite the wiring notes. Jacks always confuse me.
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