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[INTEREST CHECK] DIY Ming Mecca PCB Group Buy?
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Author [INTEREST CHECK] DIY Ming Mecca PCB Group Buy?
The Ming Mecca is a crazy video module from Special Stage Systems. It is basically a CV-controlled NES-ish console with cool features like platformer mechanics and collision detection. See their site for more details and demo videos of it in action:

I emailed them about it a few weeks ago to ask about DIY resources, and Jordan was nice enough to upload all of the DIY docs to their site:

I really want to make one of these things, and I'd be happy to organize a group buy if there are enough people interested in getting the PCBs (and maybe panels) for this. I'm figuring out the pricing right now for the PCBs at different board houses. I'll update the thread once I have numbers for it. Please post in thread if you'd be interested!

NOTE: I emailed Jordan at specialstagesystems before posting this thread, he asked that I mention that this is an advanced build with no step-by-step documentation or official support.
Looks very interesting, I'm watching to see where this goes
This idea is the kind of shit I live for.
Yes please. I am 5U and I assume you are planning euro panels so just PCBs for me please, that said, I think I could be down for 2-3 sets.
Nice project. I'd be up for two pcbs
I'd be up for 1 x world core, 1 x control core boards and probably panels too. The comment on engadget about it being the 'most useless sh*t I've ever seen' swayed me
YES. 2 pcb's pleasee

I bought a parallax propeller a few months ago but it stopped there. Being used to arduino I didn't find much useful things in parallax and I didn't really know what to do. Even just bread boarding this thing.

Cus most of it is in that chip and pots and jacks.......

I flipping hope this happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Interested Also
hey guys! very excited to see this happen. As mentioned in the OP we're not offering "official" support, but I'm monitoring this thread and will be around to answer questions should they arise. also, i finally have a reason to throw together a Ming Mecca pirate flag.

w00t w00t w00t w00t

(high quality png attached below!)
I am completley IN
This idea is the kind of shit I live for aswell.
great project...thanks for sharing

def up for 1 of each thumbs up
One of each for me! Already picked up a propeller with intentions of messing with this.
might be in for one of each. i will watch the thread.
if only this would output pal..
Also interested, watching this space
*excited*. any news?
I am in, but only if both PCBs and Panels are available.
wow. definitely in.
1 of both sets, please.
i am in for 1 set sure,and maybe a second depend of the price.
Closely watching this thread. Most probably will be up to one panel/pcb set.
Wow, Im in for 1 PCB + panel.
Depending on pricing, I would be in for one PCB&Panel each (World- & Controlcore).
Paul Aner
This looks really cool.. I can't commit to buying one, but I'm interested to know how much it will end up costing
Definitely interested.
Hey there! Any updates on this project?
Got the DIY files on my end but if somebody wants to go with the PCB run, it would be better for me.
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