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Better circuit choices for Silent Way AC Encoder
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Author Better circuit choices for Silent Way AC Encoder
Are you simply forgetting to use Silent Way AC Encoder?
ARE you shittin me???

I was under the impression that it would just double the voltage coming off my MOTU ultralite..

i feel like a schmuck....

so what exactly do i need to make this work.. im not attached to teh ultra lite at all..

i need to get ideally up to 10v(positive voltage only)..
insert that ac encoder plug as the final silent way plugin of whatever chain on the outputs you're wanting to send voltage through, and click the 'enable' button for the side(s) you are wanting to use it on.
os wrote:
What are you trying to connect to what? If you let us know that, maybe we can advise the best solution.

I'd be wanting to connect my RME Multiface II outputs to my euro. What would be the best solution for me? These would be going through a 1/4" - 1/4" patchbay , but I don't think that will affect this.


but its still not enough to trigger the281 e i guess..

gonna add more.. but thank you
np! wasn't there like a superduper voltage dodecadupler circuit (or at least tripler) earlier in this thread? maybe try that out - or if you have an offset handy you can mix gate with somehow to nudge it up there.
here's a lame vid i did last summer showing buchla 261e calibration with silent way(albeit without needing to use the ac encoder):
yea i think a volt tripler .. im gonna try now..
ALRIGHT!!!!! The Voltage trippler worked . now i need to get some more diodes...
Filch wrote:
I'd be wanting to connect my RME Multiface II outputs to my euro. What would be the best solution for me?

Go buy an ES-3. Or an ES-1.

Otherwise, build the rectifier cables as above.
Hey guys, I will build a small box, with the voltage doubler circuit below, very soon (for use with AC Encoder). Will 1N4001 diodes work too or are they too sluggish? Should I prefer the 1N4148? What if I want to add a signal LED per cable or stereo jack, where exactly would I have to place it in the schematic? Would this require an additional resistor? Sorry, double post. I'm not able to delete the other one.

1N4001 should be fine.

An LED would connect to the tip on the TS jack. Yes, you'd need a series resistor.
i'm new to silent way and just trying to get the demo calibrated with my set up. i've been reading all the threads and have a question...

my audio interface is an m-audio fast track ultra.
right now gate is working but can't calibrate CV and realize i need to build a cable.
in the case of this audio device, it appears from what i've read here that i should build the voltage doubler, correct?
and any advice on best capacitor values for this interface?

thank you and sorry if this is a repeat.
Voltage doubler or the basic half-wave rectifier, yes.

You'll just have to experiment for the best capacitor value. It depends on what you're controlling (i.e. the synth) as well as the interface.
Thank you and btw the suite looks quite awesome!

just built the cable with the voltage doubler.

I'm using a M-Audio Fast Track Pro.
Controlling DIY VCO, which gets nice response from 0 to 9V

If I use the default circuit, there is no response.
If I use voltage doubler, there is slightly a response, half an octave.
voltage is still too low. is it a known issue that the output voltage of the
FT Pro is lower than other audio interfaces?
I'd be surprised if it were that low.

Do you have a multimeter? Could you measure the voltage generated, when disconnected from the VCO and when plugged in?
Man, I wish somebody would make breakout boxes for us less technically proficient. I regrettably sold my ES-1 to make space in my 6U.
Arnoid wrote:
I just made a voltage trip.ler circuit hihi

Now i'm getting 7V !!! at maximum...
Solid tuning over 7 octaves It's peanut butter jelly time!

Do hou have a schematic of this ? Thought i saw it before but cant find now thanks kind regards f

Nevermind somehow the schematic picture wouldnt load up berore but now it does
Hi guys,

Built this AC stuff, but not into a cable, but before a simple amp to boost the signal.
My problem is that it doesnt work correctly...
With an LFO, its great, I can control filters, etc.
If I set up a simple seq in Max, the pitch drops back on every step....ahm, like piu-piu-piu.

Is this OK?

Does the same with Silent Way...

Seems the voltage drops quickly, even if the signal there.

Ive tried it directly from my macs soundcard, same problem.
Are you using the Silent Way AC Encoder plugin?
os wrote:
Are you using the Silent Way AC Encoder plugin?

Im confused.
I should the ac encoder plug and silent way together?
The AC Encoder is what makes the rectifier circuit work.
Ok, now it works!
Real magic man!
How does it work? If I may ask wink
Sorry to resurrect a thread this old, and for my very first post...

I have a question about running this DC coupler cable. I do NOT have a modular synth, I have a moog sub 37. I'm not interested in trying to send CV to it from ableton, all I need to do is send clock signal to a Koma Electronk FT201. I saw a video where someone used the built in click in ableton, sent through a DC coupled sound card to a Make Noise Maths module for clock sync. Could I use this cable circuit to accomplish the same thing? I don't need to send specific tuning like for controlling an oscillator, just time.

If I just need clock, do I need expert sleepers at all?

Currently, the clock is syncing using a regular audio cable, but I'm getting a lot of retriggers, assuming it's because the output is AC coupled. It's a presonus firebox.
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