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Better circuit choices for Silent Way AC Encoder
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Author Better circuit choices for Silent Way AC Encoder
os wrote:
Regular audio.

Thanks os. I'm having a problem getting any real voltage out of the ADA8200 via my AC cables. The ADA is connected to a Focusrite 18i20 BTW.

I'm using Reaper and have followed pinksoir's basic setup instruction post pretty much to the letter. I setup an AC encoder plug on each of the output tracks, though I didn't see any instructions on how to do this and may have gotten it wrong.

With the (software controlled) outputs on the ADA8200 cranked I get about .6 v on the gate out channel and nothing at all on the pitch cv. It looks like the no pitch cv is being received on the relevant track (no meter bounce at all within Reaper).

Do I need to build one of these voltage doublers, or triplers??

You won't have any pitch CV until you've done the calibration process.

0.6V sounds a bit low for the gate. What settings do you have on the AC Encoder?
Based on
os wrote:
Likewise the laptop headphone socket.

I should be able to use the built-in hardware on my MBP + SW AC Encoder + frankencable (probably with voltage tripler) and get CV out?
cuz I'd drop $50 on SW in a heartbeat compared to SW + *any* of the audio interfaces I've seen discussed here. I'm a total amateur/dilettante, so explaining even a USD$200 audio interface to my spouse is a non-starter smile
(Aside for the curious; I'm starting my analog semi-modular foray by building an Anushri/Anookum - sink or swim, etc.)
sorry to bump this, i have somewhat succes with the voltage doubler circuit + a 10-100k resistor parallel with last capacitor, MH ULN2 with ADA8000 i get about 4,5 octaves. i just tried the voltage tripler with the resistor still in // with the last capacitor, but this results in fm noises. where do i place the resistor in the voltage tripler circuit? and does anybody have a diagram of the tripler? i'm doubting about my wiring atm. thanks! Mr. Green
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