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New to ES-8... questions
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Author New to ES-8... questions
I could not find the info in any of the other threads, so here it I am using ES-8 with Motu Ultralite, and 828, as an aggregate device.
I use the ultra lite as my main outputs, and I input my 828 into the Ultralite in order to use its ins and outs, coming out of the Main outs.
Am I able to now use the adat connection to send the ES-8 signal to the 828 adat, and ultimately out the main outs from ultralite?
I know I am able to get all the ins and outs when I am using logic, but I want to be able to do all this without opening anything sometimes. Maybe then also send signals from youtube or itunes ultimately through the ES-8 as well.
I guess I just do not completely understand the ADAT ins and outs. If I am not able to get one of the 4 inputs to output through the ADAT, then whats the point of having the ADAT if it can never leave or enter the digital domain?

anyone know a good place to start!?

Well, I couldnt figure it out, so I am using Jackosx to route things. works well, just wished it could do out of the box, but thats ok.
Still, I am wondering what the adat connections are for if you cannot use physical jacks to connect to the ins and outs available from them
If you want the ES-8 ADAT ins & outs to route to the analogue outs & ins, you need firmware 1.1.0. Check you have that. (This is called standalone mode in the user manual.)

When the ES-8 is connected via USB, the ADAT ins & outs are presented to the computer as channels 5-12 (in) and 9-16 (out) i.e. the ADAT channels always communicate with the computer, not the ES-8's own analogue i/o.
perfect, thank you! I reread the standalone operation, and it could not be clearer. Im sorry for not getting this right away!
I think I must have missed something. Standalone mode? In standalone mode is the ES-8 can be used like an ES-3 where say I run ADAT outs from my soundcard as an external connection?

Edit: it so does! That is awesome that saves me 8HP and now I can run it with much lower latency from a thunderbolt interface.
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