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Ableton / SilentWay / ES-8 / ES-5
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Author Ableton / SilentWay / ES-8 / ES-5
In Ableton I have created a MIDI track and assigned the ES-5 plug-in to the channel. I set the ex. out channel 7-8 in the "Audio to" section. What I see is, pretty much no matter what I do, when I play a note on any of my MIDI devices, channel 1 of the ES-5 triggers twice - once when I hit the note and again when I release.

How can I get access to all channels? Further, how can I get it to trigger only when the note is pressed, and not again when released?
Sounds like you're sending midi out of the ES-5 (hence the note on and note off messages). Is that what you're aiming for? Or are you trying to trigger analog gates with midi?
Would like to have analog gates.
You're using the wrong section of the ES-5 Controller then. You want the Gates section, not the MIDI section.
I had the same issue and I didn't know which knobs to use when I used the ES-5 controller for the first time. While it is documented very well, the many options in the interface may seem overwhelming for first time users.
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