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Any wigglers playing out in dfw area
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Author Any wigglers playing out in dfw area
jaerrod wrote:
M Geddes KILLED it- as did the others last night!!

M Geddes was a helluva show for sure... very relaxing and immersive... but honestly I really liked the noise piece you guys did. That was b@d@ss.
So, I just found another Dallas gem. There's a troop called Mutant Wave who put on a show per month, similar to DAMN. However, they focus on electronic music that's not ambient or EDM. So... the awesome middle ground. thumbs up

I went to a show last night and it was amazing! Seriously good stuff here. I took a few pics to share.

Here's the best part... this show was $5. Man there's a great e-music scene here!!! I don't know how long its gonna be before everyone catches on. eek!

EDIT: fixed broken images
BTW, here are the links for anyone who stumbles across this thread and wants to know more.

Mutant Wave
There was a Mutant Wave show this past week. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it. d'oh!

There's a DAMN show this week though. I'm psyched. hyper
Link to DAMN presents Steve Hauschildt (Emeralds/ Kranky) featuring Future Museums, Adam Pacione (stellar, deep fellow wiggler) and Jake Schrock for anyone else who might be interested:

6/27 at the Green Elephant

6/28 at the North Door in Austin (with Lightbath/ Amulets)
OMG! He's in Austin with Amulets and Lightbath on Wedensday??? Jeez! Why does this have to be on a weeknight. I'd totally drive to Austin for that if it was a Friday. Making a 3 hour drive back after 1 then being to work at 7 sounds miserable though. I can't swing that. Ugh.
I'm in the DFW area, as well, and am new to this forum. I've been to DAMN. Good times smile
TS wrote:
I'm in the DFW area, as well, and am new to this forum. I've been to DAMN. Good times smile

Welcome brother. It's a great scene here. Last night's show was awesome as usual. Hopefully you made it out... if not, here are a few photos.

EDIT: fixed broken images
Since Photobucket ruined the Internet... here is a direct link to all the photos posted in this thread. Sorry for the broken links guys! d'oh!
Hey all... Mutant Wave show this Wednesday at RBC in Deep Ellum. Show starts at 9PM. I'm excited. hyper
It looks like DAMN is skipping July/August (evanh41 will probably chime in if I'm wrong about that) and the next one is scheduled for September. That's a long wait but it looks like its going to be awesome! grin

DAMN XXV - 9/23/17 - RBC Deep Ellum
I went back and fixed all the broken image links in this thread (thanks a lot Photobucket). angry
These photos need to be seen. DFW is an awesome place for synth nerds and we're always looking for more. thumbs up

Speaking of which, there's a great show coming up next week...
    Run with Scissors (featuring Sean Miller, Mike Morris, Martin Back, & Beach Preist)
    at Tradewinds Social Club - 2843 W Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75211
    on Tuesday August 8th @ 10 PM
For anyone who didn't make it out to the show last night at Tradewinds, this was some crazy stuff. The first guy had two film projectors (yes film) that he used for both visual and audio elements of the performance. It was pretty damn creative.

The next act had a crazy three-stringed instrument he built and processed it through a mass of effects along with vocals. It was very avant-garde.

Any the third act was pretty much an audio/visual explosion with a bunch of synth gear and synced visuals. He even mixed in feedback of his own performance with the mic. It was really engrossing.

There was a 4th act too but I started getting tired about that time and I decided not to stay up that late. Ugh, I'm getting old. d'oh! Awesome show though.
I saw a great show last night. Here are pics of _Name, Jake Schrock, and Felt & Fur performing at Chateau Virago. Again, there was a 4th act but I got tired. d'oh! I hate getting old.

Thanks for posting these! The first guy at Tradewinds was Mike Morris. He's a genius.

What did you think of that place? I think I'm going to play there in October.
Pdm1138 wrote:
What did you think of that place? I think I'm going to play there in October.

Sweet! Let me know what day and I'll definitely come out. The place seemed okay... kinda dumpy but hey... that's the music business. LOL.
Wow. I didn't realize there was so much synth going on in Dallas. I never get out, but these events look like fun
Yeah. DFW has a really amazing synth community... but it's kinda underground. You have to dig to find it. That's the purpose for this thread. I try to post as many of the shows as I can. Speaking of which... a few good ones coming up this month.

Run With Scissors - 9/5/17 - Tradewinds Social Club - Oak Cliff - 10 PM
Rodentcide & friends - 9/12/17 - BackYard on Bell - Denton - 8 PM
DAMN XXV - 9/23/17 - RBC - Deep Ellum - 8 PM
Here are a few shots from DAMN XXV on 9/23 at RBC.

I also did a video wrap up cuz pictures are terrible at conveying sounds. wink

When are the next few DAMN events... I don’t have Facebook and google searching doesn’t reveal much info
Next two are... November 2nd at Texas Theatre and November 9 at Chateau Virago, both are smaller Thursday night shows. Rumor has it they are planning a big event for December, but no details yet.

November 2, 2017
Cursed Days 11 (DAMN presents behind the screen)
Texas Theatre @ 8 PM

November 9, 2017
DAMN presents: Kevin Greenspon & Quartz Prawl
Chateau Virago @ 7 PM
Mutant Wave Tonight!
Wed 11/15/17
The Nines - 2911 Main St - Deep Ellum
9 PM - 1 AM

Run With Scissors next week
Tues 11/21/17
Tradewinds Social Club - 2843 W Davis St - Oak Cliff
10 PM - 2 AM

DAMN XXVI coming in January <--- A MUST SEE
Sat 1/27/18
RBC - 2617 Commerce St - Deep Ellum
8 PM - 2 AM
I just realized it's been a bit since I've posted anything. There's a DAMN show this weekend. It should be a good show and I absolutely love this venue.

Saturday 2/27 8 PM @ Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff
I just realized it's been a long time since anyone posted pics in this thread. Here's a few from DAMN XXVII...

Here are a few pics from DAMN XXVIII last night. As always... it was a really good show. Unfortunately I was on call so I had to leave early. I did see the first three acts though. I wish I could've stayed longer.

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