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ADDAC VCC as serial/OSC interface
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Author ADDAC VCC as serial/OSC interface
hey, this must be my first question on this forum, so hi. Is anyone using the ADDAC VCC like this - rather than writing sketches for standalone? How has it been? I guess I'd like to talk OSC - which could involve slapping a frontend on the Max externals that ADDAC have made available.

Having worked through a few computer->modular->computer methods in the past (home-made Arduino interfaces, Octomod, Ardcore, MIDI->CV etc) I was thinking 'f*ck it' & going with a VCC & CV-ins expander to talk to & from various applications I use (or have coded) on a MacBook.

The VCC is the expensive, deluxe option and I'm always happier working across IP networks rather than serial but it's got enough channels to be a contender & is 'IO in one box' rather than multiple interfaces.

This is the outcome of a few years working with OSC from code (lately node.js), ChucK & networked/internet art systems.

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