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Clock in problems Beatstep pro
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Author Clock in problems Beatstep pro
Any one having problems getting clock in to the Beatstep pro? I've set it to"Clk" plugged in the clicks below, press play and no sync at all. Set it to 1 step in and out, It's fine at spitting out clock just not receiving it.

Tried 4ms qcd to clock in and nothing
Ultra random clock out to click in and nothing
Circadian rhythm clock out to clock in and nothing

Any ideas?
it appears thats the latest FW update requires trs jack to clock in

discussed here: 656464694630271&notif_t=group_highlights

EDIT: also here:
templar wrote:
it appears thats the latest FW update requires trs jack to clock in

discussed here: 656464694630271&notif_t=group_highlights

EDIT: also here:

Thanks Templar, just read the thread. Massive screw up by arturia there, I'm returning this, eurorack users are obviously not top of the heap of customers they're writing the software around even on the cv side which is wierd. sad banana
Yup, Arturia really dropped the ball on this one. If you plan to clock the BSP as a slave in CLK mode you need to run the previous firmware (, not the latest firmware.

I've also read about a lot of din sync problems with the new firmware too.
after reading all this issues on the beat step pro I'm gonna hold my purchase i would rather get another module instead
I have a BSP but I'm so skittish about updating it despite the updates claiming to improve the areas I feel it needs improvement because it seems like they're just taking unintended step backs and breaking something every time they push new firmware live.

It kind of boggles my mind that their foray into physical products is mostly going fine and it's the software end of those they keep stumbling on again and again despite coming from that world.
Do there engineers actually no what they are coding? It's like they opened a big manual and saw clock input spec = trs jacks. Oh well must implement that. The cv side of the bsp is clearly aimed at eurorack users so why move to a standard nobody has adopted?
Hey folks. I was mining this post for info when I started having trouble with my BSP and the 4MS QCD, so I'm leaving a note here on the process I went through for other people looking for a solution.

Running the latest Beatstep Pro firmware (currently 1.3 in early 2016)

Basic summary of my issues:
The 4MS Quad Clock Distributor would not respond to a clock signal from the Beat Step Pro.

The Beat Step Pro would not respond to a clock signal from the Quad Clock Distributor.

Details and solution (short summary at the bottom if you want to skip):

Even after I fixed the clock so that it was set to the correct clock rate (1 pulse per step, and I think after the firmware update it defaulted to 24 pulses per quarter note), I could get nothing to show up when I plugged clock into the Clock In on red channel on the QCD, which should have received clock, and also passed it to black, blue, and green, top to bottom.

The QCD was working because an LF signal from Make Noise Maths was clocking red channel, and the rest. Also, the BSP was working because I was able to pulse the channels on my Peaks with the clock output.

When running the QCD as the master clock, could not get the Beatstep Pro to receive clock signal, either.

So, at this point you may already know about the funny update with 1.3 that essentially added a State signal to the mix on the Beatstep Pro. Essentially, although most Eurorack modular users are dealing almost exclusively with mono signals and mono cables in patching around their modular setups, Aturia, imagining that state signal would be useful in a limited number of situations, programmed State to be fed to the sleeve of the cable, and kept clock at the tip. So, essentially, the BSP, after the new firmware, was expecting a TRS cable, and not a mono cable on its clock input. The solution here was easy: grab a cheap TRS to dual mono 3.5mm splitter, plug it into the BSP clock in, plug your incoming clock into the left mono port, and the BSP suddenly sees clock. Woohoo. The QCD was clocking it perfectly, and everything was pretty.

Still, though, the QCD was not responding to the clock out of the BSP, which was irksome because, dangit, I want to use the BSP as the master clock sometimes! I love the QCD, and it is such an amazingly useful clock signal, but I could not believe that these two things were just simply not going to play together in all the configurations.

Here's where things got dicey: QCD manual v2 notes the Threshold Trimpot Adjustment (p. 7). Here's what it says:

The trimpot on the back of the QCD adjusts the voltage required to trigger a clock or reset. This trimpot is labelled "THRESHOLD” and is in the lower left corner. At fully CCW, the voltage is 5.0V. At center, it's 2.5V. At fully CW it's 0V and the unit will not respond to CLK IN or Reset.
The QCD can be interfaced with LZX-level compatible equipment by setting this trimpot to about 0.5V.
If you need a precise triggering level, you can use a volt meter to measure the voltage on the wiper of the trimpot as you turn it. This voltage will be the threshold voltage.
Factory default is about 2.5V, or centered.

So, I pulled my QCD out of the rack, looked at the back, fiddled with the Trimpot at different extremes, and STILL couldn't get the QCD to see the clock signal firing in from the BSP when I stuck it back in the rack... so, I tried something sort of dumb.

I kept power on the QCD, but unscrewed it from the rack, and with the clock firing the whole time into the QCD Red channel from the BSP, I basically swept the Trimpot from extreme counter clockwise to clockwise slowly, and found a position on the trimpot where, amazingly, suddenly, the QCD saw clock from the BSP. And it didn't even need to be on a splitter - just a regular mono cable worked.

Then I did this:
It's peanut butter jelly time!

1.) Don't panic
2.) Install the latest firmware (again, as of 1.3)
3.) Make sure you're at 1pps on the BSP Midi Control Center (it might have switched to 24ppqn if you recently updated)
4.) The stereo splitter from a TRS 3.5mm male to two mono 3.5mm female is necessary to send clock in from devices that do not generate a state signal (most Eurorack stuff). That's okay, though. Just send your clock signal into the left channel of that splitter and everything will be cool with the BSP receiving an external clock.
5.) If you're using a 4MS QCD, you may need to adjust the voltage threshold on the module to get the QCD to see the clock signal from the BSP. Fire 1pps clock from the BSP into the QCD red channel and sweep that tiny plastic threshold trimpot on the back to find the sweet spot where you see glorious blinky LEDs chasing that clock.
BSP has long since gone for me, pretty much because of super long fixes as post above, way too flakey for my tastes in lots of departments.

A lot of other love there's though smile
Hmmm.... A useful thread, as I was about to buy one. Think I will hold off for now.
Too many post like this for me to feel comfortable, nice idea poor execution d'oh!
I avoided buying a BSP for all the above reasons, before finally picking a new one up a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I got lucky, but I am getting perfect clock in and out, perfect midi sync, no crashes... yet to find any probs whatsoever.
The 1.3 update fixed a lot of these problems. It's a lot better now than with the previous firmware versions, especially 1.2.
It's still not flawless, but I can sync it with my 4ms QCD as a master or slave without any of the above mentioned hassles. I'm using it a lot now for live jamming after being really close to selling it on. Now glad I was patient and held on to it. seriously, i just don't get it
Hello guys.

Just a quick clarification.

The Beatstep Pro clock out is wired like this:

Tip: Clock

Ring: Start / Stop

Sleeve: Ground

This also applies to the Keystep, and DrumBrute.



NB: Enclosed a little diagram showing how the jack is wired, along with the Black TRS 3.5 jack to DIN5 adapter.
Hey, thanks for clearing that up!
Just gonna throw my opinion out there:

I use a BSP to master clock my Pamela's Workout using a simple TRS->dual TS adapter and two long patch cables.

Zero problems. It works exactly like you think it should work. I can start, stop, pause, and restart my modular in perfect sync with the BSP. I use the BSP for drums and also to clock the Pam's which clocks everything else, and everything stays in sync.
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