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Ring mod wiring
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Author Ring mod wiring
Paradigm X

Im a bit confused about the ring mod wiring. on page 12 should the table 'earths' read NC? if not do you mean you connect both pins 6 and 8 to the little 'frame' youve just made with solid wire?

none of the jacks' NCs seem to be connecte on the schematic tho.

ive read it a few times and still a bit confused tbh. cant quite tell on the photo either...

many thanks!
Hi Ben,

None of the sockets' NC lugs are connected. Just leave them all floating.

Unlike some of the modules you may have built without using a socket board there is no single connected frame to be made. The ring mod uses just two thick wires, mounted in parallel to each other, and joined to the earth tags of the sockets. One of these thick wires connects to two of the sockets' earth tags. The other wire joins to the other three. Each of the thick wires will be connected back to the board via pins 6 and 8.

Pins 6 and 8 are joined together on the board. So all that is happening is that all the earth tags are being connected together. All the other wires are just the signals to and from the sockets' signal lugs.

Paradigm X

Whoops I seem to have done it wrong then. I connected all five sockets together via copper wire. so thats why you need two earth connections.

I will have to double check that. I must admit i reread the bit about the wiring itself many times, but didnt think to check the bit about the solid bit. d'oh!

Many thanks Tony!

by the way, picked up a krisp1 built SVCO, SVF and VCADSR, and it sounds absolutely superb! Best synth ive ever played i reckon. Seriously. I had kind of overlooked the svf because of all the other, more 'characterful' filters, but this one is really nice, especially the hipass!

It will make it so much easier to add to this system now ive got a small working one too.

Many thanks, all the best.
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