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COTA working and sounding superb
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Author COTA working and sounding superb
Paradigm X

I had a cota that was broken, just passed the dry audio, and (eventually noticed that) Q3 and/or Q4 were getting really hot. after a load of head-scratching, i noticed the negative supply rail cap was the wrong way round. Fixed that and replaced Q3 and Q4 and it worked brilliantly. Just posting in case someone else has the same issue.

This thing sounds truly incredible, So powerful and reminiscent of old filters/tracks ive heard in the past but cleaner clearer more defined and more powerful. I am really really impressed with this.

I was using the two outputs of the SVCO into the SVF and the COTA and mixed back together before the vca/adsr, and amazing the sounds you can get out of such a basic setup. the looping adsr does some crazy stuff.

So many thanks! Can wait to start getting some more bits finished, i really need an LFO or two...

Guinness ftw!
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