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VCO Sync
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Author VCO Sync

Just finished my second VCO which is working fine. After to calibrate it with success (at the end it seems that I understood how to achieve that) w00t

Now, my modular is becoming "consistant" and able to produce nice noises hihi
So, one question : what is the purpose of the Sync input ? I tried various setup but appart to have both VCO's outing the same note, I don't really understand how to use this feature.
Ok, I'm a rooky and I've again a lot to learn. I try to find clear explanation on the web, but nothing I can use.

Have all a nice day
This SOS Synth Secrets article is pretty good for an explanation and application of oscillator hard sync:

Read it and if you have specific questions, come back here thumbs up

Cheers Guinness ftw!
One quick tip:

Turn up the synchronised VCO's frequency with the Coarse freq control. As you do listen to it's output from each of the four waveform sockets.

Screaming... Dead Banana


As we say in French "Mwouuuuaii", meaning, "I'm not really convinced".
I've got some new sounds but a bit crackly.
I tried in both ways, slave higher than master, then slave lower than master and in both cases this introduce new sounds but not something I like too much or, I made something wrong... confused
On the paper (after to read the Synth Secret page. thx to Flo) it looks like something useful to generate new sound but in the real life this is not my taste.

Anyway, what I like is the VC-LFO Sync input. This restarts the wave generation if trigged by the Gate signal. Perfect applause

I'll try more combinations using the VCO Sync feature. I can maybe find something nice but again, this is my opinion, nothing really objective Mr. Green
So, if one of you can give me a patch sample showing the best use of the Sync...

Have a nice day
fantastic apparatus
you will only get a hard sync with a falling ramp sawtooth wave input into the sync in. you did not specify which VCO version you are using, but you have to make sure that the attenuator knob on the sync in socket is all the way clockwise for hard sync. hard sync is a very recognizable effect. think the cars "let's go".
first take your two VCOs and patch from the saw out of the second to the sync in of the first. patch any of the wave outs of VCO 1 to your audio out unit or straight into DAW/ preamp. the second VCO's coarse and fine tuning pots will affect the pitch of the first VCO and the coarse and fine tune pots on the first VCO should change the timbre of the output but not the pitch. make sure that is working first then experiment with turning down the attenuator in front of the sync in to make it glitch out in a different way.
for a patch similar to the cars- turn the attenuator back up (for hard sync) and send the note information from a keyboard or sequencer to the 1v/oct of the second VCO and send the trigger to an ADSR that is connected to the expo in of the first VCO and adjust the attenuator to restrict the range of the ADSR voltage. the fun sound comes out of any output of the first VCO.
i suspect you were either not using the falling ramp wave to sync the two or something is wrong with one of the VCOs if you are not getting the cool sound.
I know a couple of folk who don't like the classic sync sound. One of whom is Mark Shreeve of Redshift. You can hear/buy his new album here:

Life to Come at Bandcamp

Awesome Berlin School and not a hint of VCO sync...

This is what the Oakley VCO sync should sound like. The coarse frequency pot of this slave VCO is swept manually up and then down:

Personally I prefer to leave the swept sync sound alone. Like the equally classic sample/hold filter sound it's been done a lot already. I much prefer driving a high resonance filter through an overdrive pedal for that screaming lead sound. Like this:

A couple of other ideas for sync'd (slaved) VCOs:

1. Fix the master VCO at one frequency and don't allow it to track the keyboard. Now play the slave via the usual KeyCV input.

2. Get both VCOs to track the keyboard but don't use the EG (or mod wheel like the Moog Prodigy) to sweep the slave. Simply set the coarse freq of the slave to a nice sound and then filter it. Add a little sinewave from the master VCO. With fast attack and slightly slower decay sweeping the filter you'll get a nice 80's digital bass sound like an OSCar or PPG.

Ok guys, got it d'oh!

I tried what you suggested (Tony and Mr. Fantastic hihi ) and this sounds better now.
I come back on that I wrote but not 100% seriously, i just don't get it At the end I (of course) already heard that kid of sound without knowing how to do it but I'm not so addict. Let me investigate a bit more to move the slider...

BTW, I'm using 2 wonderful VCO's from Tony and I'm really happy with that. Could be a Slim-VCO for the third one and this would be perfect.

Many thx to you to have open my eyes (and ear and mind) to the Hard Sync.
Have a nice day and week-end

A late but nevertheless big thank you from me as well, I learned a lot by reading your tips!
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