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F102 QTS !!!
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Author F102 QTS !!!
It's happening! Yay! screaming goo yo w00t
Ordered a Frac Quad Temporal Shifer from Blacet today.
I'm very excited.
dJ dAb
Did I miss the window for this?
From the Blacet List a couple days ago....

"Doing a very small run with FPE front panels (anodized with etched lettering).

Mostly spoken for but a few left....


Drop us an email with "F102" in the subject line and I will Invoice you.

More info: (Including a user manual which is longer than "usual"!)
dJ dAb
Could I ask if Blacet or SynthTech are the source? I'd prefer to use my own panel design, as I normally do, when possible.
I think Paul at Synth Tech will sell "DIY" kits for at least some of his modules.

In this case, since the panel is coming from FPE anyway, it should look very much like the rest of your setup.
dJ dAb
Hopefully not being a pest, but have we seen the final panel design in Frac? Thanks.
Your panels look great! What lettering options do you use typically use in Front Panel Designer?
I'm assuming the panel will look like the other F series modules relative to their E series counterparts.
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