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Barton CV Arpeggiator with Clarke Panel
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Author Barton CV Arpeggiator with Clarke Panel
Hey folks,

I'm wondering if anyone out there has built this and would care to share what you did behind the panel for mounting.

The issue I'm having is this: If I use the "normal" 16mm pots with straight pins that fit nicely onto the PCB, the board doesn't fit well behind the panel as it obstructs the CV in jacks. I'm happy to use other style pots and hand wire everything, but the boards don't have any mounting holes.

Also the holes for the movement, range and note set for the expander board (the ones with the printed graphics around them) aren't large enough for any of the pots i have in my stash. Obviously holes can be enlarged, but I'm wondering if this is a hint that I'm about to do something wrong.

Just checking in with y'all before I make some rash decisions on how to mount this stuff.

I think Barton used a different kind of pot. I haven't built any but checked the circuits at some point. It was somewhat longer than the basic 16mm Alpha. Check the build docs for Mouser part numbers.
BOM States 16mm. Some of the other Barton designs use 12mm, but these are a different footprint.

Have a look here. This one appears to use standard alpha 16 mm PCB mount pots.
thanks for that picture. I'll get out the reamer to enlarge these holes then.

Probably a bit late now, but the problem still exists in a recently acquired kit.

The solution is to enlarge the holes.

For the jack/pot interference problem, use a small rat tail file to elongate the holes upward just far enough that the washer for the pot covers the elongated part at the bottom (about 4mm). That way no extra holes need to be drilled in the panel to mount the expansion board.
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