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Definitely not For Sale - My beautiful Lamond walnut case
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Author Definitely not For Sale - My beautiful Lamond walnut case
Ross is a legend, and I think by now most people on Muffs know this.

But, for those that haven't dealt with him, or are thinking of asking him to build you a case, here's my experience that I wanted to share.

You don't just get a beautiful, super well-made case, you also get a trusted, infinitely knowledgeable and always available mate to help guide you through whatever stage you might be at in the world of Eurocrack.

He probably answered more questions from me about modules than he did about the case itself. And then...Not only did Ross make me an amazing case, but when that case didn't fit a particular module (knob height....) HE MADE ME ANOTHER ONE.... FOR FREE!!!!!!

Seriously, that shit just doesn't happen enough these days. And for that reason, I think buying a case off Ross is not just about supporting a craftsman or getting exceptional quality and value - it's about making a statement for decent and honest values driven by passion to keep this lovely, fascinating and thrilling world of modular alive in a way that the multimillion dollar Rolland's of the world will never be able to compete with or add any real value to.

Woah, I got carried away a bit there, but I reckon you get the gist if you're on this site.

Anyhow, want to see some pictures?

Fuck yeah....

Cheers Ross!

Absolutely stunning

I'd luv something like this, Does this come powered, if so what set up

That's the beauty of working with Ross, he can spec it as you want it. I asked for two Intellijel TPS80w boards and he was able to source and instal one, and I found the other one. He then supplied one side with everything ready for me to just add the board and connect the cables.

I think he normally favours the Tip Top boards but he's happy to not instal any boards at all and let you go down the 4MS Row Power route if you wanted to.

Neat right?

Thanks for the reply, that's good to know

The woodwork is amazing on your case, same for every other case Ross makes !
Many thanks for your kind words. I do love what I do and even more I love making people happy. Enjoy
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