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will this be OK
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Author will this be OK
About to start building my first modular system, I was thinking along the lines of the following.

Power supply ( well that's a good start hihi )

And the following modules

1 X dual LFO
1 X Croglin VCF
1 X journeyman VCF
1 X midi CV
1 X The Oakley FourMix
1 X Sample/Slew Generator
1 X VRG - Versatile Ramp Generator
1 X Classic VCA
1 X Equinoxe: VC Phaser
1 X Classic Ring Modulator Module
2 X Voltage Controlled ADSR and VCA

And possibly a sequencer in the future


Salut Daryll,

I would add one Noise/Filter module, Also, the terrific TSL filter.
I never used (not yet cry ) the Croglin and Journeyman but based on what I read this sounds like a good choice.
Concerning the VCO, they have an incredible sound. I have 2 units. I'm starting to think about a third one and my choice would be more the SVCO-B.

Last point, the Multimix seems a better choice rather than the Fourmix.

That said, I'm not a specialist and I'm progressing step by step. I started one year ago to build my own modular. This is really exciting
and I learnt a lot by reading this forum.

Have a nice day
Firstly, that's a lot of modules. You may want to start with just the basic set up first and add from there. That is, PSU, Dizzy, midiDAC, VCO, Multimix, VRG and ADSR. For your first filter I'd recommend the COTA. The Croglin and Journeyman are both 'character' filters and although great sounding are perhaps not as flexible (or conventional) as the COTA, TSL and SVF.

But if you do want to start big (nothing wrong with that) then I'd grab a D-VCA and another mixer. I'd probably not go with two double width VC-ADSR modules, but one ordinary ADSR/VCA and one VC-ADSR. The VRG can act as a VC-EG if you need another one.

Paradigm X
Im quite new at this, so have a similar perspective to you i guess.

in my limited modular, ive got svco, 2x filters, VCADSR, LFO, equinoxe, and a mixer. and i already need an extra mixer. Id strongly recommend at least one more, prob the multimix, as its also a 3 input attenuverter. starting to notice all the extra functionality tony slips into each module. nanners

Id also highly recommend a SVCO to replace one of the 3 vcos, the octave switch is completely brilliant, and having two different oscillators can only be a good thing.
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