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Mea culpa-- need troubleshooting help
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Author Mea culpa-- need troubleshooting help
Hi Tony/all,

New here... I have 5U of Oakley and 3U of Blacet in a rack with a common big Power One supply. The Oakley modules are very early Krisp1 builds, they are the ones with the anodized blue faceplates that user magneticweb was selling over the summer.
I made a bad power cable for a Blacet module and accidentally reveresed the +15V and ground lines. All other modules that were on the same PS are fine but I managed to totally blow my Transister Super Ladder and messed up my VCLFO. I checked both carefully for any obviously blown parts and they both look visually good.

---The VCLFO is an issue 1 version, are there schematics available for this? I can't seem to find any for this rev. The symptoms are that the LFO range is greatly reduced, I'm guessing it goes from 1 or 2 hz up to about 50 hz. The range switch affects it very little.

---The TSL is also an issue 1. When I put something into the input, I get nothing on the output at any knob settings.
If you e-mail me I can send you the schematics.

As to what is wrong I'm not sure. Unfortunately, it could be any number of things. The first thing to do is probably replace some of the ICs. The individual transistors are probably OK but many ICs don't like having the power supply reversed.

For the VC-LFO try U1 and U2 first. Just get some known working TL072s and put them in and see what happens.

For the TSL I'd try replacing the LM13700 first.

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the response. I just sent you an email for the schematics.
I replaced the ICs you suggested on both modules and no luck. Unfortunately the ICs are not socketed on these builds so swapping ICs isn't as easy, I'll just await the schematics before trying anything further.
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