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Ring Mod problems [FIXED]
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Author Ring Mod problems [FIXED]
This has me stumped. I've built tons of DIY projects but this is the first one that doesn't work like it should.

Here's what I have hooked up: My VCO's are coming from my +/-12V cab, and I have the Ring Mod hooked up to a +/- 15V supply on my bench. All voltages checked with voltmeter.

When I power everything and input my VCO into X AC, I get no output. When I unplug the power cable going to the Ring Mod, I can hear the VCO output, with X Level pot acting as a volume. The Y offset pot has no effect.

When I try the same thing into Y AC, I get nothing.

I'm getting +15 at:
U2 pin 8
U3 pin 8
L1 ferrite bead

and -15 at:
U2 pin 4
U3 pin 4
L2 ferrite bead

FIXED! When I was looking over the schematic and tracing out the circuit, I discovered I flipped the order of the socket pins. Re-did the wiring, and all is good!
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