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Reflex LiveLoop Sampler
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Based on the feature list, how would you rate the Reflex LiveLoop?
 72%  [ 170 ]
Pretty Good
 15%  [ 36 ]
Too Complicated
 11%  [ 26 ]
Too many HP for my rack!
 1%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 236

Author Reflex LiveLoop Sampler
Speaking of drums, I came up with a great way to load drum samples from a DAW: Place all of the samples in a sequence, in order, and at the beginning of the sequence place a REC note to begin recording when played.
At each sample the Slice Note is placed so a Slice is created precisely at the right spot. Once done, save to a memory Slot.
It's a lot of initial work in the DAW soft, but once done once it can be saved, loaded and modified etc.
You could have 8 entire sets of drums if this was all you wanted to use the Reflex for hehe

Here's a short video on that.
I only load some 20 samples, but it shows how easy it is to do. In FL Studio or Logic or whatever, probably it'd be better to drag'n drop the samples onto the time line, a bit easier to see what's going on.
Jesus Christ!!!
Need to get myself a usb midi interface for my iPad for playing out live!
There's wireless MIDI coming, ct#/ I'm looking forward to loosing this massive amount of cables around the studio.
It's already going in some hardware around too. I would do it myself if I had time d'oh!
lol applause

(I just bought myself €80 worth of 10cm, 20cm and 3m mono patch leads from Thomann!) With all the other crap I have to lug around with my Eurorack (2x uZeus psus, Laptop, brain interface, USB lead, CV-Pal) one more will just get tossed into the bag :-)

The PUC is cool tho!

thumbs up
Hockey anyone? I like the look of it, I wish them well. thumbs up
I don't think wires will ever go away in the modular world though. Isn't that the main point? Wires=patches hehe
It's so strange how afraid people are of wires these days, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless lighting, wireless doorbells. I feel like a rebel now arrr!

I have considered just getting a trailer for all my stuff. Last performance took 1 pickup truck and a car just totally loaded that there was no room for a passenger. I know it does pile up quickly!

This video:
This is somewhat of an oddity. Instead of using a CV to modulate the sample rate during record or playback, I decided to give MIDI controlling a try.

It performed pretty good when you consider that MIDI carries only a bit over 1000 "sentences" per millisecond and I rammed a 50 Hz sine wave through it. (That's 20 messages per cycle) it was enough to get a shape, but not quite as good as a CV input, which moves the Rate much faster.

All the same it's nice to know an FM warble can be added at any time. This was using the Pitch Wheel MIDI, not the Rate control itself. A more limited range of +/- 1 octave makes PW more manageable.

Great news about clearing customs!!
Taking Orders Everyone!!
reflex @ (less spaces)
Please specify that's it's the Flash-8 or the Reflex Live Loop or both!

Here's the Big Trailer for the Flash-8 in glorious 640x480 (because my bandwidth sucks bo bo lately) gives a really quick idea of what this thing can do.
The sequence shown without the loop-point will record new music each round, pretty fun just to leave it run! If you have a version (6+) of FL Studio, I can post the .flp. The port will need to be changed on the MIDI outs to yours of course!

Sandrine wrote:
The Flash-8 page is mostly up:

FW Update V.2.00 for Reflex (with or without Flash-8 Expansion) will be up tonight or tomorrow AM!

Manual also tomorrow very likely, so by the time the Flash-8 arrives you'll be a pro applause

Thank you everyone so far for your Flash-8 orders!

Firmware V.2.00 is online
It's an update for the Reflex with or without the Flash-8 Expansion
The Flash-8 flash & MIDI Expansion User Guide is up:

I tried hard to keep it short, and then there's a page for the schematic and another for the Q&A and another for the Tips . . . so 17 pages isn't really *that* long
New Video!

Flash-8 MIDI controlling the RLL:
This video will give you an idea of how to turn a sample (slices in this case) into different notes without re-triggering from MIDI. This is the function of MIDI Channel slot 4.
The samples used are in the Flash-8 when shipped, on session slot # 8, and are created from a MIDI sequence on a PC that plays the samples and the "Slice note" thus creating the slices accurately.

Sandrine wrote:
There's wireless MIDI coming, ct#/ I'm looking forward to loosing this massive amount of cables around the studio.
It's already going in some hardware around too. I would do it myself if I had time d'oh!

There is actually a Bluetooth MIDI adaptor available : es/interfaces/md-bt01/?mode=model
Wow! Thanks Neekau!
That's brilliant isn't it? I guess it would work with windows through the same network link program that is used for rtpMIDI as it's got to be like a WiFi connection
I have modified the Flash-8 installation instructions to include mention of removing the small jumper in the 30-pin box header (if left in it forces bad alignment and shifts all of the pins down 1!!)

Also, the Flash-8 User guide now has bookmarks from the index so it can jump to different pages in the .pdf

And last but not least, an updated Reflex Guide for V2.00,
also with bookmarked pages!
Includes "Broken Echo" mode, Stereo G-Move, Clocked Layer Footswitch, Timed SGS after clock recall, PlayFX S/E,P/S Karplus echoSize recognition additions

The Flash-8's are going fast, if you would like one better do it soon.

A fun (patch) using Slice over-dub

It's not really a patch but playing with the record head and play head in a loop, AKA Slice overdub.
If PlayFX is on or the Slice Play Rate is changed slightly, the heads fall out of sync and overlap / pass while the resulting audio is recorded back into the loop. If PlayFX is in reverse, the live sample will echo back in reverse, then forward and reverse from that!

Here is some steps to get there:
1) start an echo (in echo mode) 2 or 3 seconds long and tap a 3rd time to go into infinite echo
2) Turn on SLICE SEL and play the Slice that will be created, even if there is no sound yet. This validates the Slice
3) Stop the Echo (hold REC button)
4) Start a Slice overdub by tapping the REC button.

Any audio you put in now will be recorded inside the little Slice loop and played immediately as a mix of sample+audio input
Slowing/Speeding up the Slice Rate (SLICE SEL to toggle Rate knob back to Rate control) will set the Record and Play heads out of sync
Starting a Start/End PlayFX will also set them out of sync as the controls are adjusted
If the sound suddenly disappears that's because the play head may have moved ahead of the record head and is now playing the previous loop laid down. Sync can be acheived by Starting echo via trigger input, then using the same plug to trigger PlayFX.
Hell, just try it and have fun!!

Here's some audio that came out while playing with this. Feedback was up almost fully, Blend more over to sampler side
[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_use r=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]
0:00 Faster Slice loop, Non-synced drums with Slice Rate slightly left of center, increased EQ HI at 1:04
1:17 Longer Slice loop, PlayFX reversed with End knob up a hair to allow PlayFX muting to takeout loop click. Changed PlayFx Rate down
3:12 Tea Kick for sync. Made echo Rec-->Echo loop from clock. Played Slice then reversed PlayFX triggered from same clock from that Slice. Played guitar with tempo.
4:54 Unplugged PlayFX trigger and turned up End a hair, left it in reverse and played more guitar
6:28 Same as previous recording, but switched SLICE SEL to adjust PlayFX rate down a hair. It's doesn't take much as it's accumulative. Turned Rate slightly above center for last part

Switching from PlayFX (exiting) back to the Slice Loop may mess up the feedback setting so just adjust it some to update it or it'll only echo once
Will there be a restock soon after the flash-8 sell out? I want to receive my first one to explore before I order more.
Matos wrote:
Will there be a restock soon after the flash-8 sell out? I want to receive my first one to explore before I order more.

Yes Matos, in Feb 2017 sometime probably, providing the parts arrive by then meh

Reflex DIY assembly instructions with pictures and everything!

Flash-8 expansion board is back in stock
When is this available as diy?
mwvm wrote:
When is this available as diy?

Right now

$350 for the complete kit including the Flash-8 Expansion
Sandrine wrote:
mwvm wrote:
When is this available as diy?

Right now

$350 for the complete kit including the Flash-8 Expansion

As a kit?

Pcbs and panel?
Yep, everything including PSU ribbon & MIDI patch

check the pdf to see if it's for you cool
New 3HP VCO feeding Reflex for the fist time!

This video was created during testing of the prototype SDS_VCO (3D printed black 3HP thing) connected to a Reflex. The sound from 1 little VCO is great when feeding a synced delay!

Two sequencers are in play, the ModEM-1 as a sequencer/clock source feeding the MI Frames, then CV added to the ModEM-1 sequence. All of the Frame's outputs are offset from a 10V LFO slowly (50 seconds) cycling a sine wave.

The SDS_VCO, coming soon hopefully, is set to use the MOD input to select 16 different waveforms (13 fixed + 3 custom) giving the mix a wide range of ever changing timbres. The bottom Wave knob can offset by 16. Also the CV input is set to quantize to one of the 16 scales available.

It has a built in envelope gen. and a VCA to save using up those modules in the rack, or to add another dimension of enveloping with another VCA

I listened to the patch for hours!
Woah. Tiny but sounds huge!
Matos wrote:
Woah. Tiny but sounds huge!

Can't wait to have more of these made It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners
First an update from Eurorack forum:
I'm feeling a firmware update coming...

Have been testing a new PlayFX mode "DJ" (for now!)

[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_use r=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

Here's a sample of the new pending 4th PlayFX mode: DJ mode.
It's from podcast that was playing

This PlayFX allows panning through the sample in forward and reverse with the top PlayFX knob, or with a bipolar CV offset, and the bottom knob is a Slew control, also with a CV offset. (Slew is at zero in this recording)

The knob/CV access to move around the sample actually changes the Rate/speed from center either way, forward or reverse so simulates a record platter being turned.

Using a bipolar square wave LFO in this sample is basically shifting the direction from the knob (at center throughout) either way at the same voltage effectively plays the same forward as reverse, so in a perfect LFO it'll sit in one place.
In the recording I change the offset of the LFO, but also the duty cycle, which makes the sample move forward more than reverse, moving it overall. This sounds somewhat like G-Move at higher flip=flops, but is playing forward/reverse each time.

Afterwards, I changed the LFO to ramp and sine cool

Here's the new "DJ" PlayFX mode firmware link:

This will in no way affect the rest of the operation in V2.00 (but fixes the PlayFX CV un-jacking issue I've discovered)

The Last ReadMe file has accessing/usage instructions.

*This is not a core update.

To revert to V2.00, get it from:

If there's any questions or suggestions about this new PlayFX, I'm all ears!
Also, can anyone think of a better name for this PlayFX??? Dead Banana very frustrating

Have Fun!! hyper
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