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I wish I could find a module for...
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Author I wish I could find a module for...
1) a mixer with a safe headphones output, dedicated volume control. Better still a mixer that also divides the signal into left/right channels and allows voltage controlled panning.
2) a compressor/ limiter module, or a mixer with one built in. Bonus points if it could run as a sidechain, perhaps driven by an LFO or gate signal
3) an adapter/psu that would allow me to simply plug an ugly Eurorack module (as supplied) into my Oakley system - without running a completely separate power chain.
4) reverb/ delay effects
5) an audio effects module that does all of the above effects in one panel
6) a 16step sequencer from Oakley

Maybe these things exist, but I really have looked, and cannot find anything, except in Euro format.
Any thoughts?
I would really like an Oakley 16 step analogue sequencer, perhaps one that also includes circadian rhythms and lots of flashing LEDs and loads of knobs, buttons and switches and a cool front panel design and more than one CV output and ........ I could go on. Just dreaming I suppose?
Paradigm X
An oakley sequencer would be superb and would be an instant buy.
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