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Scat Talker - MIDI Word Database
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Author Scat Talker - MIDI Word Database
Bryan B
I am excited to start using MIDI clips to create words using a MIDI to CV converter. I am sure other people will feel the same way. Let's get this ball rolling! Feel free to quote and comment on any or all of this. I am not attached to any specific part of this and don't know what will be possible as far as hosting goes.

Doug possibly offered to host a database of MIDI words for us, so I think it makes perfect sense for people to collaborate and share a library of words with each other to really enhance what this module offers.

We should establish some basic parameters so the results are all the same or as close to the same as we can get.

The first Parameter will be where to set the Phonome knob. I assume it should be fully Counter Clock Wise (to the left) so the whole range is accessible. Please correct me if that is wrong.

The next Parameter should be using the 1v/Oct standard since the module has that as a callibrated input it seems to make sense to do it that way.

Duration of the phonomes will be something that will change how the words sound, so I think we should be able to share multiple versions of the same words (showing different timings). It seems trivial, but this can make a huge difference in understanding what is being said.

I am thinking we could also expand into having different pitch files available for each word. I can see how pitch would greatly enhance the use of words. If somebody wanted to experiment and find the perfect pitch for each word, it might be cool to audition different ways of saying the word.

Can there will be a way to tag some notes along with the file? Something like this:
Word: Computerize
Language: English
Uploaded by: Bryan B
Format: Ableton Live 9 Clip
Converter Tested on: Kenton Pro 2000 MK2
Date: 12-14-15
Notes: William Shatner Timing
Best if matched with #45 MIDI Pitch file
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