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modify MOTM modules for Oakley Bus?
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Author modify MOTM modules for Oakley Bus?
Tony makes passing mention in the instructions for building the Dizzy board: The Oakley grounding system is different- but compatible- with MOTM modules, and MOTM modules used in conjunction with Oakley's will have to be modified or the benefits of theOakley system are nullified.

I'm going to be adding some "other" modules soon, so I was wondering if there is a generic fix possible, or is it a module-by-module modification needed to make these foreigners compatible?

What is the specific modification needed? sad banana
This is what I do with MOTM with the common chassis/signal ground to make them Oakley compatible, though I can think of other ways.
1. The 4 pin header, I pull the chassis ground pin out, so it only has 3 pins
2. For the jacks, I only run the signal wire, with no ground/shield from the pcb to the jacks. If using coax, leave the shield at the pcb end disconnected.

This separates the 2 grounds.

3. the power cable, at the module end I use a feed through MTA156 3-644465-4 and run a longer chassis ground wire through the connector to the jacks ground connection. It can be pressed into the connector without issue so long as the pin is removed from the pcb header.

This connects the chassis ground to the panel.
Thanks for the reply -
So if I'm understanding you, we are basically disconnecting the ground from jacks-to-pcb, and grounding the jacks directly to the power supply ground instead?

And the board is grounded on its own thru the extra/ 4th ground line to the psu? (actually pin 2 or 3)

Just trying to be clear, and avoid smoking chips. Don't like smoked chips.

We are not connecting the jacks to the power supply ground, we're connecting the jacks to chassis ground. The Pcb remains connected to the 0V signal psu ground.
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