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Oakley - its not just for 5U
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Author Oakley - its not just for 5U
I have been building TTSH ARP 2600 clones. The TTSH is a great synth, but it is somewhat incomplete in that the it does not include an ARP 3620 keyboard. This injustice will not stand!

I pushed some of Tony's circuits through the Rube Goldberg crazy straw of my OCD, and out came this: The TTSH Performance Controller.

The keen observer will see this is an Oakley Issue 4 midiDAC and VCO Controller, pushed into a really small space, with my TTSH gate booster hidden under the hood. The midi connectors are on the side of the case.

In keeping with TTSH/2600 philosophy, normalled inputs abound, and all are defeatable.

Now I can plug any midi keyboard into my TTSH, and wiggle the pitch bend and mod wheels to my heart's content. The photo shows the integrated controller set up for pitch vibrato via the mod wheel. No patch cords, and the TTSH is completely freed up to make sound.

Tony graciously advised me on how to modify the transpose control for five octave range, like on the ARP 3620 and Odyssey.

Thanks Tony!
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