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Substitute for 4.7 V Zener/ 40106 for 74C14? Sample/Slew v5
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Author Substitute for 4.7 V Zener/ 40106 for 74C14? Sample/Slew v5
Hello to the christmas DIY crowd,

boldly starting to build the Sample/Slew issue 5, I ran into the problem of not having a 4.7 V Zener diode at hand. Could I substitute it with a higher-rated Zener with another diode(s) in series, e.g. a 5.1 V Zener with two low-drop (about 0.25 V) Schottkys in series to get approximately the right voltage? You see, I'm quite determined to build this before the year ends Mr. Green

Cheers and have a merry christmas!

EDIT: On second thought, I might be able to answer this myself. They are wired cathode-to-cathode in the feedback loop of an opamp, clipping the signal. Probably 5.1 V Zeners will work in a satisfactory manner, I'll give it a try. Sorry for the noise oops
The 5.1 V Zener diodes work!

Almost as expected, another issue came up. The "track" mode works nicely, but the "sample" mode is refractory to clock pulses --- nothing happens regardless of external or internal clock input. However, upon flicking the switch, a new value is sampled and held (indefinitely). I assume something is wrong with the clock conditioning circuit, which uses a 4011 and a 74C14. Exchanging the 4011 for a fresh one didn't change the symptoms. I used a 40106 hex Schmitt trigger instead of a 74C14; this might be the problem since the Builder's Guide specifically mentions a 74C14. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks for any hints cool
Well, to stick to the "monologue" theme of this thread, I am answering myself again. The 40106 was not the problem but a solder bridge that had escaped previous inspections d'oh! d'oh! d'oh! d'oh! d'oh!
I regularly conclude it's good that I do not have to earn money building modules.

This build is intended as a present, just finished another one for myself and am listening to trumpet-y noodling of the quantized major-scale output controlling an Oakley VCLFO. That Restriction function is really something Guinness ftw!
Paradigm X
Guinness ftw!
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