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Does the Oakley Classic VCA works with 0-10Volt ADSR (EG1)?
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Author Does the Oakley Classic VCA works with 0-10Volt ADSR (EG1)?
I wonder if the Oakley Classic VCA works better with 0-10Volts Envelators than the MOTM Dual VCA (Frac). The MOTM Dual VCA does not really fit the EG1 and also not 0-8V Doepfer ADRS's. It is designed for 0-5V. The MOTM sounds wonderful, but its very fiddly to handle with my existing EG's.

Has anyone tried the Oakley Classic VCA with the Blacet EG-1?

The Blacet EG1 has an attenuator on its output
which allows for easy interfacing with those VCAs that expect lower voltages to fully open.
Since the MOTM Dual VCA has such lovely overdrive you can use this extra voltage to your advantage.

Personally I found it really off-putting that the MOTM Looping ADSR only does 0-5V.
This makes it incompatible with most Frac VCAs without boosting
(and positive gain is more precious than attenuation).
Hence, the MOTM Looping ADSR is the only MOTM Frac module that I do not own, nor wish to own.

BugBrand follows the 0-10V standard just like Blacet by the way.

I don't know about the Oakley.
I hope it follows the 0-10V standard like most Frac,
but since it is also available as a Euro module I have my doubts.
It is probably 0-5V like most Euro.
Then again, attenuation makes it almost a non-issue.
It will be interesting to hear the facts on this one.
I have the EG-1 and the MOTM VCA next so each other and know that the Blacet has a attenuator. But its not comfortable to attenuate and its really hard to find the sweet spot. Its just much faster if you have a EG and a VCA that is fitting perfectly. Also I am not able to get the exponental shapes I like. Its possible to feedback the EG-1 to itself, that helps much more. But its not like Wiard-300 Envelator and Mixolator Combo where you can have all extremes from total log to very linear and extreme expo with the controls on the mixolator and the very useful feedback with the envelator.

Thats why I am looking for a real Frac Rac VCA which also fits the other modules on the market.
It follows the 0-5V route but with attenuator's on both the Lin and Expo CV in's it works well with 0-10V

I use mine with both the Blacet EG1 and with the MOTM 1800 you just have to lessen the signal from the Blacet but works really well

I don't think its so much of an issue when attenuator's are built into the inputs
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