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Help! midiDAC stopped working
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Author Help! midiDAC stopped working
I've just moved my midiDAC module in my rack, all power was off when I moved it. Now that I've powered everything back up and tested it I find there is no PITCH output from the midiDAC. I get a GATE signal output and the gate and legato LEDs light when playing the midi keyboard but no PITCH CV from either the front panel socket or the Oakley BUSS. It has all been working perfectly for a couple of months - what have I done?

There seems to be about 13.5V all the time on each of these output sockets, Velocity, Modulation, Aftertouch, Bender, CC.
I think I've found the problem, a fault with the power supply cable from the dizzy to the module, the -15v supply line appears faulty. I've swapped a supply lead from another module and all is well.
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