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Issue 1 Wavefolder schematics?
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Author Issue 1 Wavefolder schematics?
I cleaned up a bit and found an unfinished issue 1 Wavefolder PCB. It has 2 BA6110's and a DG403DJ mounted. Just as on this page:

I even made a Frontpanel and bracket, but somehow it never found its way to my rack case.

I have searched for the schematics, but couldn't find them on my PC.

I havn't mounted R6, R7, R13 and R40 and have no idea why?

If the schematics are lost, can anyone help me with the above resistor values?

I found the schematics, so forget my request. I also found out that Tony is selling older schematics for 2 GBP a piece. Sorry, Tony. I didn't mean to cheat you.

All that aside. Has anyone got any mods? Davebr ( has changed some resistor values, but that seems to be a newer version with CA3280.

Adding a 1uF cap to the main output seems to be a good idea, though.
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