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[Expander available] "Anushri" PCB's with eurorack
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Author [Expander available] "Anushri" PCB's with eurorack
Expander PCB and panel available again. Get yours today!
CLICK HERE TO ORDER. w00t for more info and BOM.

If you're interested in a panel still, let me know for the future.

A couple of times I've had requests to build the Mutable Instruments “Anushri” but I've never been able to find PCBs to buy.
After checking kosherness with Olivier I am going to do a run of boards, keeping what I think I might need now and in the future and then sell the remainder.

PCBs: $40
Panel: $60 (preliminary)
Knobs: $25
Shipping: at cost, location dependant, TBD.

This is an interest check to see if anyone around here is interested in a set of boards. The size of the pcb run will depend partially on interest.
I am not looking for anything up front, other than serious interest only. A list will be made and when manufactured and shipped, they can be paid for. They are a couple of fairly big boards and I expect a small run, so estimate about $40-50 for the set of two.

The boards will have some substitutions and modifications, such as “thonkiconn” jacks, D6R buttons, easier to source toggles and a slightly modified euro power section. This is done to better match my stock of parts and an updated BOM will be provided.

It will be sold and supported by me, nothing to do with Mutable Instruments except the licensing. They will be rebranded appropriately to reflect this.

If there’s enough interest I may offer eurorack aluminum front panels as well. I would like some for myself, but they will be expensive in the low quantity I'm expecting (~$60) so it’ll only go ahead if enough people express interest. Absolute minimum 10 peeps. The panel would not be compatible with MI’s original release, and have my own design on it.
If interest in this panel is sufficient I can offer SIFAM “intelljel” style knobs to go with it as well.

In short, if you'd like to buy a set of “Anushri” PCBs and/or a front panel to build a kick ass little box or module, express your serious interest. The PCB’s are going ahead either way, panel/knobs is interest dependent.

ADDENDUM: There is apparently demand for eurorack panels compatible with MI's original release. If you're interested in just a panel, note your interest. Same conditions as above.

edit: Files are on github as per license.
I'd like to see your layout for alternate jacks, I looked at this way back and there wasn't a way to change those while keeping the layout the same for the panel and enclosure. I suppose if you plan on doing your own panels and enclosures that's fine though..
Yes of course! I learned lesson in copy-pasting old thread drafts.
The jacks do have a slightly wider spacing and as such it differs from original pcb's.
I've been interested in doing this myself for a while now... So I'm interested in at least a PCB set probably a euro panel as well.
Updated to add an interest for PCB, Panel, and Knobs.

+1 On different jacks.... Make it so the kobiconns or thonks will fit please!!!!

Put me down for a full set. I miss my Anushri.....
I'm seriously interested in PCBs. Maybe even a pair of sets.
I'd be in for a eurorack panel and knobs
+1 On different jacks.... Make it so the kobiconns or thonks will fit please!!!!

Put me down for a set of PCB's. I miss my Anushri.....

I believe the Kobiconns fit in a thonkiconn footprint. With a bit of clipping to the legs and the manual ground wire it should work I think. Feel free to correct me here, I don't have any Kobis on hand.

I'd be in for a eurorack panel and knobs

I'm very happy you're interested, but unfortunately the panel is only compatible with these PCB's, it will not work with MI's original release.
skookum wrote:

..., but unfortunately the panel is only compatible with these PCB's, it will not work with MI's original release.

that is unfortunate. I'd also be interested in a panel, but only if it fits the original pcb (still have an acrylic Anushri that wants to be converted).

edit: still interested in eurorack panel for original pcb (a bit depending on price, so a few people should sign up)
there is a thread on the Mutable Instruments forum about this exact subject so you might want to post on there as there is already a waiting list of 25 people wanting this (including me!) l-waiting-list/p1
Well, maybe it is time to fulfill a pent up demand?
Editing original thread.
Interested in a PCB if a panel becomes available
interested in boards and knobs
maybe also panel depending on design
I'm interested in a eurorack panel for the MI original PCB design. Maybe even two.
+1 for the ori. panel, especially if the price comes down.
I would be interested in a PCB set and matching panel. Thanks for doing this! thumbs up

EDIT: And knobs as well, why not!?
I'm interested in a eurorack panel and pcb.
Thanks for your interests, getting closer to the numbers!
Interested in a PCB+Panel
Definitely 1 board and panel please
edit: knobs too
Im in for pcbs/panel/knobs.
Useful Noise
Interested in a PCB Knobs and Panel.
Count me in for 1 set of PCBs and panel.
Maybe knobs...
Thank you for your work we're not worthy
I'd be interested in PCB, Knobs, and Panel.
Ok, excellent! There is enough interest to make a PCB/panel/knob combo feasible. w00t

I'm about to send off for a proto of the new boards (so I can find out what mistakes I've made).
While waiting, the panel design should be finalized. If the PCB's come back OK I will be working on getting the panels sorted from the local shop.
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