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Blacet Mini Wave applications
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Author Blacet Mini Wave applications
So I've just bought a Blacet Mini Wave and am thinking of different ways of using it. If I understand correctly it can be used to quantize CV to different scales, which means, for example, that I could plug my Noise Ring into the input, and out would come random CVs quantized to a specific scale, right? What about doing wavetable synthesis like the Waldorf Microwave? How many MWs would I need to get similar sounds with my modular? It seems to me that for each MW you'd need an oscillator to accurately drive its pitch, correct? Sounds like it'd be an expensive way of doing WT synthesis with a modular...
Muff Wiggler
congrats! one of the best modules ever.

you can indeed use it as a quantizer - the onboard bank only supports a few scales, but the dedicated Scale Quantizer ROM is a *MUST HAVE* and gives you all the keys and modes... you are correct about the Noise Ring application, same can be done to great effect with Binary Zone, Woggle Bug etc etc etc

Wavetable/wavescanning synthesis, a la Microwave or Wavestation - again yes. Find the right banks (there's some dedicated ROMs available as well that are very nice). Find the right banks - some are intended for 'smooth' transitions from one wave to another, some will give a more 'signature' wavetable effect when the transitions are stepped and not smooth.... and yes you need to drive it with a rising sawtooth VCO if you want it to track in tune....

a good way to look at the miniwave is in steps of complexity of application - from simple to more complex, consider it as -


- a bank of alternate waveforms that you can't pull from a standard VCO - think 'complex' westcoast osc waveforms

- a wavetable scanning/synthesis voice

- a quantizer


- a rectifier (with the right bank)

- a sample rate reducer (with the right bank)

- a non-linear distortion/waveshaping processor

cv generation:

- clock it really slowly and the waveform(s) become slowly evolving 'interesting' CV sources. some of the waveforms are great fun when used as a drum trigger or vca/gate CV source

hope that gives you some ideas to get started with this insanely powerful module!

have fun and let us know what cool shit you discover.... there's almost no limit to what you can do with this module. what an inspired design.
Wow. funny. just yesterday I was thinking of posting a similar request - havent been using the Miniwave much and was curious to see how other people are using theirs.

Then I messed with it this afternoon and remembered why its so great!

Sweeping the PPM of the Alien Saws in the AFG give it another dimension too! They're more distorted than a standard saw, but could be right for some applications

I really need to get a 2nd ROM for it, but I cant decide which one to get and don't have room for the expander. Which do you guys like best?

Also - which wavebanks or ROMs are made to sound like bit reduction?
I get a lot of tones that remind of video game timbre (2a03, sid, pokey, etc) but don't know if any are specifically trying to sound like a certain bitrate.
i have a full set of ROMs, and no Expander, but once I put in the Scale Quantizer it hasn't left my MiniWave. If you do a bit of sequencing, it's really an AMAZING ROM.
Muff Wiggler
Bricks wrote:
Also - which wavebanks or ROMs are made to sound like bit reduction?

Socket Rocket Bank 6 doesn't sound like it - it *is* "Bit Decimation".

From an 8bit representation of your waveform at wave 0, to 4bits by wave 7, 3bits at wave 11, to 1bit at wave 15

I always took the Malgorithm's description of "world's first voltage controlled bitcrusher" with a small grain of salt.... no slight whatsoever intended towards the wonderful Malgo though, that thing is fantastic and the Nyqust/Samplerate adjustment is utterly unique as far as I can tell, as is the bitwise waveshaping. Plus it just sounds so damn badass. anyway.
this thread is great. i'll be getting a miniwave if they're ever in stock again. reading about all that it can do is just getting me more excited! hyper
Here are some examples of what I have done with mine:

Very caveman neanderthal "stick it here" type stuff.....

I didn't have a VCO at the time I made those(still don't),
But I knew I would find uses for the MW without a VCO while I wait to get a VCO.
i'll get it however i can. back in stock/waveform city/maxi-wave if that ever comes out. i'm dying to rock it with the noisering amongst all it's other applications.

i have the scale quantizer rom waiting. it wants a home so badly smile
i have the standard rom, the socket rocket, morphine and scale quantiser. i don't have the expander module, but it's certainly not too hard to swap out the spare rom for a specific patch/application. i just wish they had made the standard rom socketed, so you could, for example, have the socket rocket and the scale quantiser, instead of always having to have the standard rom.

anyway, not to detract from the module as it is truly amazing, it's up there with my noise ring and time machines!
hmmm. i thought it was socketed. maybe you have the older version? i know someone that has the socket rocket and scale quantizer rom in both of theirs. i think they built their's though so who knows if they bypassed the standard rom entirely or not.
Madcap Labs
The AFG is a wonderful driver for the Miniwave - set the right combo of PPW and PPM and the sound gets super-fat. Driving it with a sync'd saw (from any oscillator module) also yields a bunch of super-cool effects. I don't have a sawtooth animator, but if super-modulated Alien Saws from the AFG drive the Miniwave accurately, I see no reason why the output of a saw animator wouldn't.

Another patch I use all the time is short chattering sequences with the wave changing on every note via a sample n' hold patched into the wave select CV input. I've got two MWs, and often drive them in stereo with two slightly detuned saws, with any CV wave controls multed, so the both MWs are reading the same wave.

If you've got a Euro setup, the Plan B Wave Splicer is a must-have - setting up two different sounds on two MWs (you can drive them with the same saw osc) and moving slowly between them can be awesome - if you manipulate the splice point slowly, you can get all kindsa wild lightsaber noises.

I've never used the MW as a CV generator, though - off to try that right now!

Peace and love,

This thread is making me very happy that I bought the plan b miniwave euro-conversion kit. grin

Now, to find someone who doesn't want their miniwave.
The Metasonix TM-3 Dual Thyratron VCO is lovely for driving the Mini-Wave as well.

As displayed in a demo in the Window Comp. thread, the Mini-Wave kicks ass as a clock source!

Add sequenced control of bank and wave select and watch out! eek!
I can't wait to get the HexZone finished so that I can try this idea out.
Madcap Labs
Oh, yeah, Cat-A-Tonic - I checked out that tracl on the Window Comp thread - it actually helped convince me to buy one. And I will *definitely check out the TM-3 with the MW - cool!

- E
Thanks everyone for your ideas. I can't wait to get my MW and try them out on it. Something tells me that this module combined with the Noise Ring will be unbelievable... One more thing, though. Is the BMW expander module ( strictly DIY? I'd love to have the PPG (and others) ROMs all accessible without having to swap chips.
Muff Wiggler
David Hylander built my MW Expander for me.... I know he doesn't always do them, but he's a really friendly guy so drop him a line, and you never know!! It's definately worth it

as for the socketed ROM in the MW - both ROMs should have sockets. If someone has a MW where the 'stock' ROM is soldered directly to the board, this one would have been built from a kit, and the builder unfortunately omitted the socket - pretty bad news, as it means you're stuck with the ROM :(

They both have sockets normally - only different being the second ROM is in a LIF (low insertion force) socket, making it easier to change... the first ROM should be in a standard socket
just to clarify, my MW was blacet built, and yes, both roms are socketed, one normal, one LIF. so i realise i can just pry out the original rom and replace it with the scale quantiser? yay!!! then i can have scale quantiser and morphine, or socket rocket and scale quantiser!!! i am happy w00t
Has anyone driven the miniwave with a Bi-N-Tic?

I would be interested in hearing that or hearing about that if anyone has experience with those two playing together.
i know el clon has both of those modules but he doesn't post here much so don't know if he'd be able to bust a demo.
MW kits are back in stock at Blacet!
eyehue wrote:
MW kits are back in stock at Blacet!

i know. couldn't be worse timing. hopefully on the 19th they'll still be around cuz that's when i'm pretty sure i can cop one.

can't wait. i'm dying to quantize my Noise Ring. dying.


My first frac module...although techincally it will be converted to euro. I got the socket rocket as well.
felix wrote:


My first frac module...although techincally it will be converted to euro. I got the socket rocket as well.

fucker!! very frustrating

Congrats. hyper
Damn. I spent my modular budget this month, like, four times already. But the MiniWave kit is tempting.
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