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Sample/Slew module best practice
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Author Sample/Slew module best practice

I just finished a Sample/Slew module and to be honest (and because I'm a rookie) I'm not sure I used it in the best way.
No problem with the noise and clipped out. Slew is speaking by it self but even if I got some results with the Sample, I'm looking for some advices or basic patches to put me in the right direction.
Ok, it's modular and all directions seem right hihi

Awazleon92 wrote:
I'm looking for some advices or basic patches

Noise into sample, and a semi-fast squarewave lfo into clock -> patched into filter cufoff = classic analog synth sound.
If you use it with no sound into the VCF, full resonance and fairly high frequency on the VCF (and add lots of delay and/or reverb), you got the classic "stardust" glitter sound.
If you have a lownote VCO into the VCF, and slow down the LFO clock a bit, you got yourself a rythmically going bass+beat sound.

Other uses of sample&hold:
- slow sawtooth LFO into sample, and slightly faster squarewave LFO into clock -> patched into VCO frequency = slowly rising (or falling, depending) pitches. Play with the two LFO speeds, and you can get a lot of interesting pitches going.
- do the same thing with a VCF/VCA combo, and you have interesting timbre+volume changes.

- put the output of an envelope (ADSR) through a S&H before patching it into the cutoff of a VCF, and clock the S&H with the VCO you are using. Or substitute the VCO with a low(ish) LFO for some different sounds. Experiment with the LFO speed.

Try these, and you will have some ideas.
Paradigm X
thanks, i have one too that ive not really used much.

can you do one of those for all the oakley modules please!

Mr. Green thumbs up

Thx for that. I'm going to test asap. This seems a good start point, then experimentation, as usual. This is what I like with modular applause
Rather than to use a LFO as clock, I can also use the internal module clock ?
I only have one LFO confused
Awazleon92 wrote:
Rather than to use a LFO as clock, I can also use the internal module clock ?

Yes. You have the newer version of the sample/slew module which has it's own LFO built in. The internal LFO is called clock but it's actually a VC-LFO with a pulse wave output.

Definitely experiment with using a VCO output as your clock input. You get some wacky 'bit crushing' type sounds here. If you use white noise as your sample input and a fast VCO as your clock, and vary the frequency of the VCO, you'll recognise some classic arcade game noises from the 1980s.

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