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Classic VCA - Lovin' it!
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Author Classic VCA - Lovin' it!
I just completed building an Oakley Classic VCA. I've only been playing with it for a very short time but I took a break to write this post because I have to say I'm loving this module!

The bulk of my gear is Dotcom, however I now have several Oakley modules as well. I've been using my Q108 now for some time and I like it very much. The Classic VCA seems to have quite a bit more flexibility though.

I've only begun to play around with it but I'm already getting some very interesting results. I've paired it with my Oakley Dual LFO and the two of them have become great friends!

Once again my slow-down in building has been the front panels. I know I can use the FPD files Tony provides, however, I prefer the Dotcom panel format. I've got an Equinoxe almost completely built (waiting on 1 50K Linear Pot) but I have no panel for it. I'm in the process of having some silk screens prepared for me but I really wanted to give this module a try. For now it is un-labeled but that's no real trouble. The only problem is that in my design I mounted the Sock6 about 3mm too low so while it fits fine in my 22U cabinet, it doesn't quite fit in my 44U cabinet with a 12 degree incline. I will adjust my panel graphic before I have my screen made and will have to use a new Dotcom panel but that's no sweat. I just wanted to try this module without waiting a few more weeks.

I'm very happy with the Oakley modules and find them a pleasure to build. The quality is great, they are well documented and they really sound awesome! Thanks Tony thumbs up


I totally agree with you concerning the Oakley modules quality and how it is easy to build it. The documentation is so well done that (appart your own mistake d'oh! ) it works fine from the first trial and sound amazing. Tony knows is job we're not worthy
In addition he is always answering to help you.
That said, I'm wondering which VCA to build : classic or dual ? Honestly, I can see the diference in term of circuit, componnents... But what is the diference in term of sound or/and use ? For me it looks like the Dual is more flexible.

Today I'using the one embedded in the ADSR/VCA module.
I forgot to mention the great support offered by Tony. Another bonus for his products.

The Dual VCA does look quite good! In terms of functionality both the Classic and Dual seem to be very similar. With the Classic Input 1 is DC and Input 2 is AC. It appears that with the Dual / Quad you have the option of switching both inputs to the same setting. Building the Quad also provides some flexible mixing options.

I'm seriously considering the Quad VCA as my next build. It is a good value if you purchase both boards at the same time as well. You can never have too many VCAs!

Perhaps Tony could list any significant differences between the two VCAs if he stops by this thread.
Paradigm X
There are a couple of threads or more on either here or the 5u forum, as i understand it the main difference is the classic will 'saturate' / distort slightly when overdriven, in a pleasant manner, while the dual is very clean.

I actually need some vcas now and im trying to decide. 2 for the price of one is hard to ignore. the quad vca/vc mixer sounds like a great concept too...
Flareless wrote:
Perhaps Tony could list any significant differences between the two VCAs if he stops by this thread.

The biggest differences are their feature set. One's a dual, the other is only a single. The single has an interesting second output which allows for ring modulation and stereo panning. The single also has two CV inputs one of which can be made to be follow an exponential law - this changes the way the VCA reacts to the control voltage and can produce dramatically different envelopes when used with a traditional ADSR or VRG. The dual can be used as a voltage controlled mixer too.

As for sound - the differences here are more subtle. The Classic VCA is clean and quiet and will go into overdrive in a gentle way. The Dual/Quad VCA design is based on the same VCA as in the ADSR. It's clean and pretty quiet and has good CV rejection. It doesn't overdrive but can be forced to clip if the input CV and input signal are large enough.

Personally, I normally use the Classic VCA as the final VCA in my signal chain. While I use the Dual VCA for controlling modulation CVs. However, the two are both well performing VCAs so you could use either for any application where you need a VCA.

Thanks Tony! thumbs up
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