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Simple FM patch video
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Author Simple FM patch video
Playing with simple analog FM algorithm on my littl system wink

Sum of VCO1 and LFO modulates the VCO2 frequency which is taking back in different amounts to modulate VCO1 to achieve feedback. Such a simple routing sounds fresh and inspiring each time you start to tweak it.

Suggested to listen before going to bed wink

shady smiles
Great stuff!

buggy and awesome Guinness ftw!
Gringo Starr
Nice! Damn I love Bugs.
Enjoyed that applause
Thanks for watching screaming goo yo

Is anybody about to sell me his/her sequence hub then? twisted

Seriously... I hope Tom will come with a new sequencer rack eventually with his new pre-configured designs.
Finally got a listen -- nice & brings back some memories (and memory jogs).
For example, CTL1.. so nice to have a little seq in a setup!

Regarding future Seqs - yeah, definitely getting in my mind, though likely 3rd or 4th Frame, so some way off (over a year away at least)
The old & never finished MiniSeq jumped off the shelf at me a couple of days ago - the core features of that were a nice step along from the SeqHub, but it always had a weird problem which I couldn't overcome - maybe I should relay the design and try again...
Over a year away sounds not too late, enough time to accumulate resources.

At the moment I'm trying to make CTL1 act more unpredictable and random as a sequencer. Not to many choices - one of them is to clock with S/H from Bug Crusher. Any other ideas for such a task? It would be so nice if it could change between forward / backward running by sending CV. Guess it could be modded to do that...
Very nice.
There's just something about BugBrand that I really like.
It hits a sweet spot for me between Serge and Buchla.
Great patch, super timbres coming out there.
Very nice! I love to patch such small and simple (but effective) feedback things, too. Love the sounds.
I enjoyed that too.
Thanx for sharing thumbs up
really great sounds in your video! applause
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