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VC-ADSR issue 4 - cap question
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Author VC-ADSR issue 4 - cap question
I appear to have 63V instead of 100V as specified for C13, C14. Are these ok? The parts guide says typically nothing over 30Vwill be needed, but since the build guide for VC-ADSR specifically stated 100V, I wanted to double check. Thanks Tony
Yes, they will be fine.

Since all 5U modular systems run from +/-15V the most any capacitor will see across it is 30V. However, you can't buy 30V capacitors in all the values we want. So a 1nF capacitor will often only be easily available in voltages of 63V or higher. The ones I buy typically are 100V so that's the reason it's down on the parts list. But 63V will be perfect for the job.

The key is to make sure any polyester capacitor has a working voltage of greater than 30V unless the parts list specifically says chose a lower voltage.

Of course, the larger the voltage normally means a physically larger part. If it's too big it might not fit on the PCB.

Yeah the 100V one is quite a box, but I can make it work. thanks for the info, much appreciated.
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