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BugBrand -> 5 Years + + VAT
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Author BugBrand -> 5 Years + + VAT
**General Mailout posted out 20th April -- reprint below**

Hello All,

The general bugmail list has been very quiet of late - there has been not much to say as the Weevils have been being made quite regularly and much of my design time is focused on the Modular machines (for which there is a separate mailing list).

BugBrand turned 5 at the start of April - I officially started trading back in April 2005 though there was a certain amount of stuff going on before of course.. Since then we've moved through a whole host of Weevils and I feel that things have really progressed in particular over the last two years as designs & production methods have greatly improved and I've begun to make the Modular range.

From 23rd March 2010 BugBrand has become BugBrand LTD - UK registered Limited Company No.7199808 - though this won't really have any impact on selling things or day to day running. The big change, however, is that I have had to register for VAT (Value Added Tax) and this will come into effect from the start of May. This currently adds 17.5% to any sales to the UK or EU. Sales outside these areas are NOT taxed! Believe me, I am sorry about this - but there is no way around it.

As such, I've just added a new batch of BoardWeevils to the online store (there are more to follow if these go quickly) and Postcards have been in stock for the last few weeks. Any orders before the end of April will avoid the application of VAT.

[Please note - I'm sure you'll have heard, but postal services are somewhat screwy at the moment due to the volcano in Iceland - I'm getting items sent out, but there may be delays in delivery]

I can't say at the moment when the AudioWeevil or BugCrusher ideas may re-surface -- a certain amount of background work has gone on over the last year but there are no current signs of finalised designs. WOM kits will likely only re-appear later in the year when more workshop events are scheduled.

More news as & when.
Best wishes for now..
& thanks for the first 5 years!
Guinness ftw! Cool! Here's to the next 5 years thumbs up
congrats on the birthday Guinness ftw!
Cheers guys - if I'd been more on the ball I'd have made some sort of anniversary design but in practice I've been doing way too much admin. C'est la vie!
reverse key editions ftw hihi
Congrats Tom!! Here's to another 5! Guinness ftw!
Reality Checkpoint
Congratulations on the 5 year milestone! w00t Guinness ftw!

Now crank up the production on the modular system!
Congrats w00t
Congratulations Tom!
congrats Tom on 5 years and on the VAT Mr. Green
I have been thinking of going VAT reg for some time
let me know how it is
Heres to another 70 Drinking
Top stuff! - Go BUGS!!!
Happy 5th and long shall you continue w00t w00t w00t
BugBrand is 5 years old already?!! Congrats Guinness ftw! Does this mean another BugModularCake?
Hehe - yeah, there should have been cake and a party! I actually let the 5year point pass barely noticing it -- it was only when I came to do the mailout that I thought to mention it. I missed an opportunity for sure!

Many thanks!
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