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Post pics of your frac setup!
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Author Post pics of your frac setup!
fracmonkey wrote:
Where did you buy it? Maybe they have a clue.

Looks like you need a Super VCA!

Nice set of filters---all quite different.

Control! I could always just call over and ask to be put in touch but I kinda like the mystery//would love to just stumble across them. kinda like a planned happy accident
Nice system. The 1490 is one of my favourite filters.
Here's my system as it is currently, in temporary cardboard cases. I wanted to have something wider than the usual frac cases so I ordered some 104hp vector rails and stuck them in these cardboard cases that I made up. I've just ordered some laser cut plywood to make proper cases with, so it will be a bit sturdier and hopefully look better!

One day I'll learn how to take a decent photo meh

Love the Wiard Frac modules (especially the cat). Is it still possible to get hold of them?
thee ghost ov n_phay
All Blacet, awesome system:

nice!! thumbs up
Simply gorgeous!
I had some cases laser cut - I wanted a wider case than the standard racks:

The single space at the top right is for a SD78 snare I built from mangros's PCBs on Oshpark, which complements the Metalbox 8008 bass drum very nicely - I'm just waiting for a panel.

Not sure if it needs them, but I had some air vents cut into the side panels, as each case has its own power supply mounted inside the case:

As it's a wider case than normal I used vector rails for the mounting rails. It's a bit fiddly getting the nuts in the right positions within the rail, it's a good incentive not to change modules around too much.

have a 1u window comparator going in that hole, gonna need another rak.
wow.... that Wiard joy rider seems rare-ish. no??
there can't be many of those around. hmmm.....
yeah only 11 of them. fantastic filter.
My Main Frac Tower

MOTM & Frac Portable Setup

This is all I have left. I used to have more than twice this amount but downsized. These are the remaining never sell modules.
Two Livewire Frequensteiners
STG Wavefolder
Two Blacet Impossibility Drives
Bananalogue WVX
Bananalogue VCS
Blacet Miniwave
Blacet Klangwerk
Blacet Dark Star Chaos

My old system

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