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Author Poltergeist
Finally! raphonic-audio-mixer
It's officially shippping today! Some teaser videos are in this playlist: _d
I'll be picking one of these up within a few months. I also look forward to more videos showcasing the capabilities!
Bought this a week or two ago.
It's such an amazing mixer! Congratulations Koma!!!!

I was wondering about the expansion port on the back.
I don't suppose this would be for adding auxiliaries for the inputs?
That is the only thing I'm sort of missing (an aux out for each channel).
Yep its on my never ending want list !!!
worth the wait!

The poltergeist draws ample current so be prepared eek!

Has anybody made any nice videos with the Poltergeist?
Youtube only really showing very short vids...
Just found this
got mine today. am I the only one who's really frustrated that you can't manually pan between outputs C+D?...

Envisage the outputs being arranged like this:

You have to get to D by going from C, past A->B and then from B->D.

It states on their site: "KOMA Elektronik included large Pan knobs for total control over the 360 degree range field"

In reality it's 270 degree range field. The 'origin' cv control is also only able to rotate 270 degrees...

What the hell. Am I expecting too much or missing something?
Has anyone wired up a number of LS1 Lightstrips to control and automate panning, or used a sequencer/LFO to do the same? The more I look at this the more I begin to think it has tremendous applications for live performances and sound design.
I have two lightstrips-(x,y&z+gate) and a (x+ gate) but have not used them for panning ( yet).

I have experimented with quad LFOS into the Poltergeist.
(4msQLFO,WMD PDO,modcanQLFO,Batumi) sending 4 cv's
in phase sequenced "chasing the sound around" - circular panning and also just free running random panning.

I found the diy Barton quad trapezoidal works great for circular panning and it does not tie up high-end LFOs.


My favorite patch is to send multiple melodies to VCAs that output to a beat synced Delay_w_repeats/(or long Verb) that then route to the poltergeist that has its CV input's setup for synced or random panning.

The cv's sent controlling the VCAs outputs are derived from ADSRs that are infrequently triggered .....this allows the echoes or verb tails to move around the room.
Did this ever get an expander? What's actually brought out to the header on the back?
bobbcorr wrote:
LS1 Lightstrips

XPump wrote:
I have two lightstrips-(x,y&z+gate) and a (x+ gate) but have not used them for panning ( yet).

Ah - COOL! - I'd never heard of these.

You mean this?

Thanks for mentioning that.

Similarly, the EMW Distance Recorder might work interestingly with the Poltergeist to loop gestures for panning.

(Figure you can also do this with a looper, theremin, and envelope generator)

Thanks for posting about the lightstrip. Looks great.
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