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VCO Pulse signal half size
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Author VCO Pulse signal half size

I was doing a sanity check of my system and discovered an issue with one of my two VCO's.

The Pulse signal is half of the size, swinging from 0 to -5V while all the other signals are correct (Sine, Triangle and Saw).
I swapped U7 and U9 by new guys, but nothing changes.
Not sure it was like that from the beginning and surely appeared later after the end of the build but I can't say when.
I checked my second VCO and Pulse the signal is going from +5V to -5V like all the other signals.

Any idea on where to look and do some measures ?

Have a nice day
Remember that the pulse's output voltage changes depending on the pulse width. Only on a square wave (50:50 pulse width) will it go from -5V to +5V. Even so, you should be getting 10V peak to peak on all pulse widths, so there's something wrong if you are only getting 0 and -5V - which is only 5V peak to peak.

Not sure what to suggest if it was working correctly at first. But if it were not working from the start I'd check the values of R71, 72, 73 and 74.


I found where the problem came from. I inverted Q2. So, this VCO never worked 100% fine, just an illusion from my old brain oops
Always the same problem, when you stay hours looking for something wrong, at the end you don't see anything.

Anyway, it is fixed by now.
Thx and have a nice day
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