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Finally got my synth up off the floor!! (DIY Rack)
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Author Finally got my synth up off the floor!! (DIY Rack)
Muff Wiggler
edit: ok, I moved this to the DIY forum, plus I added some pics. More soon.

damn i hope this works, been a fair bit of effort without knowing if it's gonna be a waste of time.....been working on this for a little while now, almost done now and can't keep it quiet any longer hyper


Edit 2: Ok, this project is DONE!!! And it worked far, far better than I had hoped. And only cost $40 TOTAL. Read on for pics of the process.

Basically, any of you who have seen my synth know what a pain in the ass the layout is/was. Those stupid rolling racks which I have outgrown have modules right down near the floor - makes it so hard to use them. Plus they take up way too much space, are too far apart, are hard to move, and are ugly as hell. I get so jealous when I see someone with wooden housings for their modulars, I think that wood and modulars complement each other so well.

Anyway, I couldn't find anything available to solve my problem at all, so I took matters into my own hands. I know nothing at all about woodwork, but I put in some effort and took my time, and things worked out far, far better than I had hoped they would. So here's a pic of the finished product, read the posts further down for how the whole process happened...

hyper hyper
lol, pics or stfu!
YEAH! And yay for your back! w00t
Muff Wiggler
ok, i was going to wait 'till all three sets were done, modules relocated into them, and all sitting on my new table hyper

but I couldn't keep the cat in the bag, so here's the progress so far

(edit: now that the project is completed I have updated this post to show pics of each step of the entire process)

bear in mind I pulled this idea out of my ass, thought about it for about 10 seconds, and then forged ahead. it's still at a point where the end verdict may well be 'epic fail', but after the little proof-of-concept fitting last night, well I'm pretty optimistic at this point.

(edit 2: EPIC NON-FAIL!!!)

Step 1 - go to lumber yard and have 'em cut me 12 pieces of wood, some 2x4s and some 2x8s. Total cost $40. This is the only cost this project required, the few other things were parts I had lying around.

Step 2 - sand that shit yo! No fancy power sander here, we are of the earth and use old fashioned elbow grease around here (er, I mean 'we are losers without power tools')

Step 3 - Stain and seal the six base pieces

Step 4 - Drill some holes in the bases

Step 5 - Drill some holes in the upright 2x4s

Step 6 - Attach the two with big-ass lagbolts

Here's one of six legs....

Step 7 - Make a second leg

Step 8 - "Proof of concept" test fit - using my Euro because it is loose and easy to get around. These will ultimately hold fracs though. Odelay!

Step 9 - Stain & seal the rest of that shit

That's where I'm at. Once the stain fully dries and I have the time, I gotta start removing frac modules, re-org-ing my frac power supplies and rear cover pieces, then mounting the empty frac frames, drilling for each one as it is mounted to help account for sizing/spacing/centering inaccuracies. Then install the modules into the frames. Then put up my new table. Then stick all three on the table.

Two of the three are measured for six fracs plus a Alex Iles 19" 1U multiple.

The middle one is 2U higher than this, measured for six fracs, one 19" multi, and 1 2U oldskool Wiard controller.

Damn I hope this works out OK.

EDIT: Now I have finished, and WOW EPIC NON-FAIL!!! SlayerBadger! I am so, so, so very happy with how this worked out. I'm editing this post to put the rest of the 'process' pics in one place.... more pics on the next page of this thread of the final product, but here's the rest of the steps to get there....

Step 10: At the last moment, I had the idea to re-sand the wood after the stain had dried. This was a VERY wise choice - the wood looks and feels a million times better - really smooth and soft to the touch, and it gives the wood a very old and worn appearance, rather than a freshly-stained appearance. The results of this were far better than I expected - just some light sanding with fine grit paper...

Step 11: Again, a last minute afterthought..... I added some corner braces to the back of each leg. I figure, why not?

Step 12: Time to move my frac stuff out of the way!! I am not going to miss these stupid rolling racks mad and modules on the floor mad mad mad

Step 13: Now I get to put up my new table and see how well it fits....turns out to be perfect! And install some power and wiring etc...

Step 14: Test fit my wooden legs on the table, just to asses how much vertical space they will take up.... again, it works out perfectly 8)

Ok, just because you won't get to see them again, here's a shot of the rear of the legs, showing the nice sanded-stain finish and the corner bracing...

Step 15: Screw the frac chassis into the first pair of legs....

Step 16: Put the new frac stand on the table....

Step 17: Fill it with modules!!!

IT WORKED!!!! w00t SlayerBadger!

holy crap, it worked WAAAAAY better than I expected or hoped. I'm so crazy stoked I don't even know what to say.... they are CRAZY STABLE as well, I was mostly worried about them being tippy, but they are rock solid, in fact they are so heavy they are very very difficult to pull down. Awesome.

Step 18: Repeat for two more towers...

And that's that!! My synth is up off the ground, all modules are super easy and fun to get to, AND it has wood!!! damn i'm happy about this!

check the next page of this thread for some more detailed views of the thing....
Muff Wiggler
forty bucks total hyper
Muff Wiggler
moved to the DIY section
Roycie Roller
Very nice! I reckon if someone wanted to, they could do away with the schroff racks altogether & just DIY rails to house modules. That'd basically slash 4/5ths off setting up a eurorack.
I was gonna do a cheapo cupboard door frame for my setup but these pictures show what kind of results one can get with a bit of elbow grease! Inspiring!
Awesome! That last pic of the stained posts reminded me of Safety Town when I was a kid! I loved Safety Town.

For those unlucky enough to not have any idea what Safety Town is/was:
Can't wait to see your finished product.

I've been wondering why not just screw the racks right into a wood frame instead of buying rails for the ears to screw into.
I guess there isn't any problem with it. 8)
I really need to get on with building my own case. confused

I just assembled my 4th rack and tried out Consumed's idea about mounting the power supply on the inside of the rack (with shallow modules in front). It works like a charm. Mr. Green
This will allow the case to be shallower.

I still have to figure out an alternative case for the deep stuff eventually.
The TS-21 is 12inches deep. I might end up getting a gator case for the deep ones, but then everything won‘t match. confused
Does anyone know about the weight difference between the SKB/Gator case material and wood in general?
I know there is a huge variation in the weight of different types of wood, but are the SKB's super light?
Muff Wiggler
i don't know about the weight of the SKBs or Gators, I have a SKB popup mixer case though, and it's very heavy....

these wooden legs I've made are pretty damn heavy too!

i think ultimately things aren't going to work out with that 12-inch deep TS-21. The only feasable solution is to send it to me hyper
Muff Wiggler
felix thanks for the safety town Wiki link! i've never heard of it, sounds pretty cool for kids though 8)
personally i prefer danger town.

the skb's i got are sorta heavy but with fracs and modules being as light as they are it's no big woop. i don't have any experience with wood cases so no contrast compare from me.
felix wrote:
Awesome! That last pic of the stained posts reminded me of Safety Town when I was a kid! I loved Safety Town.
fuck yeah! I didn't know those kinds of places had a name, lol! My daughter loves safety town, as did I.

For trainee drivers in Denmark they have what's called the "play pen", which is a bit like that, too.
Dude, those racks are taller than the basketball net! Your system is gonna be massive! hyper
I have to ask though: You *are* going to raise them up a bit, right? Like putting the stands on milk crates or similar? Otherwise you'll be crawling around on the floor... again smile
dang... That looks nice. Hooray for DIY!!!
Muff Wiggler
(please note: sorry I have not been around, replying to emails, PMs etc the last 2 days. Between this project and the baby, I've been so busy I haven't touched my PC at all. I'll catch up with you all tomorrow, thanks for your understanding)

now to the news on my synth racks....

HOLY CRAP!!!! hyper


This worked out far, far, far better than I had hoped it would! Just insane, this is the best thing I've ever done for my is so fun to use now, looks so good, has wood (which always makes me jealous in other people's rigs... I think wood and modulars really complement each other). Anyway I am so pleased with these results, really everything worked out better than I could have ever hoped. This is so rad.

Anyway, I updated the first post in this thread with some background information, and I updated the post further down on the first page with the remainder of the 'process' pics. Here's a few more views for you to get a better idea of what I've done.

First of all, the glamour shot -

Now a couple of obligatory side views of the wall of madness...

A nice close-up side view of the very first tower after it went up...

And finally some roundabout shots of what one of the racks looks like from all sides....

Anyway, that's that.... so awesome, my synth FINALLY has the sort of enclosure and layout it deserves. That old shit sucked.
Muff Wiggler
oh yeah, the eurorack you see on the far right is only there as temporary housing. I have four more frac frames which will complete that tower once I get the modules to go in them. I will eventually transfer the Eurorack rig into a 12U tourcase.
Holy Shit! It looks phucking phabulous SlayerBadger!
Muff Wiggler
neandrewthal wrote:
Holy Shit! It looks phucking phabulous SlayerBadger!

thanks!! Mr. Green i haven't quite come to terms yet with how happy I am about this. I'm really REALLY REALLY REALLY happy about this. And it worked out so much better than I had ever thought it would - by FAR. Everything worked out ultra perfectly, and it was all done with the shadiest of unproven plans that I thought up with zero woodworking experience.

And I feel the need to point out again, to myself as much as anyone else, forty bucks. This cost forty fuckin' bucks. I had like $250 tied up in those ugly, stupid, ill-fitting rolling racks. This was forty bucks. diy ftw.
Awesome! Looks rad, and very stylish.
I guess that answered my question! Awesome rig, muff!
as mentioned in other threads eek! 8) w00t SlayerBadger! hyper
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