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Grounding question in power setup
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Author Grounding question in power setup
I have read the dizzy guides and also the PSU guides (although I'm using a PowerOne), and I think I have the setup correct but I was hoping someone could double check. The confusion for me is ensuring safely grounding everything according to Oakley 'panel ground' convention. Most of the threads on MW are geared for metal cases and/or euro. very frustrating

I built a wood case with wood rails, and in the PSU guide it says I might want to rethink that. What if I use copper tape behind each module along the wood rails, effectively tying them together? Then I'd solder a thick wire from each copper 'rail' to earth ground on the PSU.

Attached is a diagram of my proposed power setup. For the Dizzy, I am thinking I need to jumper R3 for oakley cv/gate buss (I'm looking forward to using that), and R2 so the front panels are directly connected to Earth ground on the PSU chasis. It looks like R1 acts as a jumper between 0V and PANELS and so saves a wire connection to PSU. But it looks like that would make a direct connection between COM on the PSU and EARTH, and I'm not clear on that. Do I have this correct? hmmm.....

Thank you

If I were building that system I would only fit R2 and R3. I would also connect, with a thick wire, the Dizzy's power inlet pin 3 to the power supply's 0V connection. I know R1 appears to do the same job but a decent thick wire from pin 3 to 0V will do the job better. You do want the earth to be connected to the modular's 0V.

While the copper tape and additional earth wires do seem a good idea it's actually very difficult to ensure the panels are grounded that way - what with the panel's paint and/or oxide surface layer getting in the way. For my own system I would be happy with just the connections made via the MTA power header on each PCB.

My comments in the User's Guide are really to make people think carefully about how they fit their mains powered DIY jobs together.

However, if one were to build these commercially I would expect to see some sort of additional earthing connection perhaps done via a tapped metal mounting bar.

That makes sense. I've been using front panel express natural aluminium and I know the anodized coating is an insulator. I'll make these adjustments and test drive it. Thanks for the info Tony
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