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Post your question here if you are new to the Tubbutec forum
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Author Post your question here if you are new to the Tubbutec forum
We will then move it to a new thread.

Thank you!
The arp doesn't sync anymore, start/stop is fine but the speed doesn't sync. The Monopoly also stopped receiving midi notes. This was all working properly a couple of hours ago.
I tried changing cables, doing a factory reset, changing midi channels, switching back to internal arp... Nothing worked, getting kinda desperate.
I'm using Ableton Live 10 and sending midi from my audio interface to the monopoly. (it's all setup correctly in ableton)
If I am correct, the powerarp function allows to record a sequence of up to 128 steps on a single key and then transpose it. But compared to Polychord which allows to record a chord by key, Polyarp is just a saved sequence on a single key. Am I correct that we can't have several saved arpegiator sequences on multiple keys ? Many thanks for your help !
Hello there,

Yesterday, I successfully installed a SH1oh1 µTune. Everything went perfectly until the calibration part where I got pretty confused. My SH-101 was perfectly in tune before installing the SH1oh1 µTune, but now it's not. Please, I need your help to understand the following issues:

1. The first step says “Connect a voltmeter to the testpoint shown in figure 9 at R73”. That’s what I did but, where do I have to connect the other end of the voltmeter? Yesterday, I performed the calibration process connecting the other end to ground.

2. I performed the whole calibration process without any troubles up until step 7. The step 7 says “Press the UP button, then press the U/D button. Adjust VR-5 (range width) until the output pitch is the same in both cases.” I got very confused here since I don’t know what figure I should be aiming for. If I press UP and read the voltmeter plugged to CV out on one end and ground at the other, it says 0. If I press U/D with the voltmeter ends plugged in the same spots, it says 4.75. First problem I found here is that voltage readings don’t change when adjusting VR-5. Regardless of this, I don’t know what figure should I be aiming for: When adjusting VR-5, do I have to bring the number up to 4.75, or lower it to 0? OR, If I consider that step 6 says “Press DOWN and confirm 2.5V at CV-out”, do I have to adjust VR-5 to get 2.5V on all 3 cases, namely DOWN, UP, and U/D? What do you mean by “output pitch”? Voltage? Do I have to continue using the voltmeter, or Do I have to plug a guitar tuner and aim to get the same pitch readings from a particular key pressed in the keyboard? What key? It’s really confusing.

3. Finally, I have another doubt. The SH1oh1 microtuning edition manual doesn’t say anything about calibration of the pitch wheel, but the “regular” SH1oh1 manual has all the details to calibrate the pitch wheel. Do I have to calibrate the pitch wheel? If yes, how do I do it?

I would be very grateful if somebody could point me in the right direction, since I use my SH-101 on a daily basis and at the moment, I can't use it now.
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