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Author Post your question here if you are new to the forum
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Thank you!

I just had a juno-66 mod installed by a technician that does a lot of work for me, however the board is now not working correctly.

In poly mode, only 4 notes will play at a time or sequentially, the 5th and 6th notes are silent. Also pitches repeat on every second key.
It is possible to make any note on the keyboard repeat the pitch of the first note played, i.e every second note sounded is always the same as the preceding note.

Similar happens in Duo mode.

Mono mode plays all notes with no pitch repetition.

Midi is functioning as expected - as far as sending and receiving, however the same voice playback problem occurs when triggering notes via midi - ie 4 notes can be played (2 notes really, since each note is repeated) with the 5th and 6th noters being silent.

I have tried updating the firmware which seemed successful but the problems persist.

We swapped the original CPU back, and the Juno returned to normal poly function with all 6 voices sounding as expected.
Re-installing the 66 chip caused the problems to occur again.

Any ideas what the issue could be, or a place to start looking?

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