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Post your question here if you are new to the Tubbutec forum
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Author Post your question here if you are new to the Tubbutec forum
We will then move it to a new thread.

Thank you!
The arp doesn't sync anymore, start/stop is fine but the speed doesn't sync. The Monopoly also stopped receiving midi notes. This was all working properly a couple of hours ago.
I tried changing cables, doing a factory reset, changing midi channels, switching back to internal arp... Nothing worked, getting kinda desperate.
I'm using Ableton Live 10 and sending midi from my audio interface to the monopoly. (it's all setup correctly in ableton)
Happy owner of a Roland MKS-80 that is giving me a hard time since few days.
Upper and Lower boards are not giving me the same loudness anymore. In whole mode the synth is now unusable. In split or dual mode each of the 2 engines are consistent and usable but they are giving me a very different output loudness.
I'm not an electronician so I will need help to fix this, is it something Tubbutec could look into? (The synth is in Berlin).
Thank you!
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