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Solton Disco 64 Keyboard
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Author Solton Disco 64 Keyboard

i just buyed a vintage keyboard on the flea market, after some research it came up it is a Solton Disco 64 keyboard.
Now my question, maybe impossible, but is here somebody having some kind of technical docs about this machine? i did not found any on the web.

i just have the keyboard but not the part which makes the sounds and rythm. my first guess on the flea market is to use this keyboard for other synth. it has a 16 pin plug cable, which i guess gives the unit the power and then sends quadrophonic cv and gate to the main unit.

here is a video of this fun box:
Oooh lucky you!!!!

I have a Solton Programmer 24 which is also ace.

Yours is sounding mint though! applause w00t
not so lucky, the one in the video is not mine.

i actually just have the keyboard part, as far as i know its a two part machine:
- keyboard model: manuals f. disco
- disco 64 ( the sound and rhytm box )

i was hoping to use the keyboard for other synth...
bugger sad banana
It's actually a three-part instrument - there's also a bass pedal.
I'm lucky enough to own a complete and working Disco-64, and I'm planning (hoping) to have a clock input installed in order to sync it to other stuff via an EHX Clockworks.
As soon as the unit is at my tech's house I'll ask him to look up the pins/functions of the keyboard cable.
I'll get back to you!

does anybody have schematics for the disco 64? i just got one that needs repair.
I'm sorry I don't have anything to add about the technical content of this thread, but that thing is awesome! I had never heard of such a machine until now.
WOW! Very impressive machine. I'm sure it was used in many hits back in the day.
Do you still have the keyboard for the Disco64? I found the workstation/ bass pedals and really want the keyboard :-) Regards Arnoud
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