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Svco 2sk30a-gr & j201 pin out differences
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Author Svco 2sk30a-gr & j201 pin out differences
Hi was going to use some spare j201's instead of the 2sk30a's on the 2 svco's im building but I can't seem to find out the different way there inserted into the pcb (pin out differences).... any help would be much appreciated amigo's.

Tim Nottingham
Data sheets are a bit daunting .... But from what I can make out j201 is
3=d 2=s 1=g and 2sk30 is 3=d 2=g 1=s

I don't think J201 will work in this application - it may well go flat at high frequencies. You can certainly try it - although my first choice for an alternative FET would be the J112.

As you know the pin out is different between the American and Japanese FETs. I'm not in the office at the moment so I can't check the pin outs for you - but you'll notice that the SVCO PCB has an additional hole in line to where the 2SK30 is supposed to be fitted. This should allow a J112 to work without any leads overlapping. But do check the pin outs on the data sheets to make sure it will be connected the right way.

Hi Tony, thanks for the reply... Well the pin out from the data sheet worked and everything was sounding great apart from the waves sounding very similiar .... This must be down to the loss of high frequencies.... I'll search in my stock to see if I've got a couple of j112's.

Thanks again Tony
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