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VCO issue 6 - No pulse output
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Author VCO issue 6 - No pulse output
Calibrating my third VCO, no trouble with the first 2 (yay!) but the last one I get no pulse output.

I replaced U9 (TL074) and still nothing. I see there is 15V on pin 4 and -15.2V on pin 11, and I get a sine wave on pin 7.

The components around U9 all look the same as the other ones...any ideas?

The most common cause for no pulse output is a problem with the wiring to the centred/edge switch.

Oh man - you are right. The 'Source' wire for Main-2 connector was hanging on by a thread in the housing on the socket board side. Quick replacement of that one wire and we are in business.

Combined with the scope I was able to see that there was no source applied to Pin 5 of U7, but I could see the correct triangle/saw wave on the switch itself. Slowly learning a bit here, which is nice. The build documentation is amazing with your modules, really spoiling us when we work on other makers' stuff. hihi

Thanks again
Guinness ftw! Guinness ftw! Guinness ftw!
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