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Oberheim > 5U mounting Panels
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Author Oberheim > 5U mounting Panels
I'm looking to mount an old SEM and 2 MiniSequencers in my 5U system. I've seen the mounting panels that Ben made for Roginator and that is exactly what I'm looking for. er=asc&start=0
Unfortunately, after I contacted Ben last year and sent some photos and dimensions for the MSQ1s, he's stopped responding. (I hope he's OK!) Does anyone know of another potential source for these types of custom panels.
i belive Ben is fine just think he got snowed under with some big jobs and had stopped small stuff.
I designed some cabinets and panels for SEMs back in the day. They can be found Here -

The second one was 5U if I remember correctly but it was designed for rack mounting.
XXXEsq, maybe give FreeStateFX a try? They are in the USA so quicker turnaround/cheaper shipping for you.

FYI: they do their panels like more or less: powder coated black with a textured finish and silk screened labeling with white two part epoxy.
I contacted Ben a month ago requesting a Roginator panel and he never responded.
After giving up on Ben I decided to commission a new 5U SEM panel design from the Wizzard at ModularSynthesis also known as Dave Brown. Dave designed it with my input. He just completed it and I must say it is magnificent. Here are some pics:

More information can be found on his website here:
Dave Peck
Hey, looks great! ...but no PWM mod inputs?
Dave Peck wrote:
Hey, looks great! ...but no PWM mod inputs?

The Modulation attenuator will do FM or PW. That is selected by the switch for EG1, EXT, or LFO. So, you set the switch to the center for EXT, use the Ext Mod jack, and use the clockwise side of the control for PWM.

One of these panels is now available on eBay complete with power supply.
I just finished an Oberheim Mini Sequencer 5U Panel. Panel design credit goes to Dave Brown. It has every patch point plus a couple of extras. I added a second Clock Atenuated CV and a Pink Noise Source. I built a simple Op Amp based 6 dB /oct Pink Noise Filter. The White/Pink Switch selects the Sample and Hold Normalization. The assignment section works with the assignment switches on the Mini Sequencer in the same way they are used on the Oberheim TVS.

congratulations, sem + mini seq perfect duo
very nice project that take the place but it does not matter applause
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