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[ORDER] [PCBs/panels] Eurorack Joystick module
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Author [ORDER] [PCBs/panels] Eurorack Joystick module
Hello fellow DIYers!

I'm about to release a new DIY module, a high quality eurorack joystick module.
There was a thread about it quite some time ago but it was to compicated to get a decent joystick for a good price here in europe. I also didn't want to deal with the manufacturer directly because I don't have any experience with that. So this project was put on hold for some time.
Now a few months ago Steve from thonk contacted me and said that he wants to make these joysticks available and if I still want to do that module.
So I started working on it again and here we are smile

Here are some pictures of the module:

This is both the same unit. The panel is double sided so you can just flip it around and then be able to have the joystick the other way around.
I did that because it makes sense to have the joystick below the jacks and pots if you mount it in a horizontal position whereas it's better to have it the other way around if you mount it in an upright position.

The panels are 14hp 1.5mm anodic printed aluminium. Here are pictures of both sides of the panel:

As you can see it has does not only have a CV output per channel but also an input. Depending on the position of the unipolar/bipolar switch (labelled + and +/-) you can use the joystick to alter the signal from nothing to full on in + mode or from inverted to 0 (in middle position) to full on in +/- mode.
Both channels also have an offset and a scale potentiometer which gives you the ability to (obviously) offset the signal from -5V to +5V or scale it from inverted to full on before going through the joystick.

I ordered the (hopefully) final PCB prototypes today and they should arrive in about 2 weeks. Then it will take another 2 weeks until I'm ready for selling everything.
So it should be available in late June or early July.

The pricing will be as follows:
12,00€ per PCB
22,00€ per 14hp aluminium panel

Shipping costs:
PCBs + panels only: 3€ germany, 5€ worldwide
Orders including joysticks (trackable, insured): 6€ germany, 16€ EU, 37€ worldwide
Orders including joysticks (not trackable, not insured): 5€ germany, 10€ EU, 17€ worldwide

As I said the joysticks will be available at thonk but I will also have 40 (was 20) of them. This is a first come first serve offer.
I will sell them for 25€ each and I don't plan to offer more of them.
These joysticks are made by Omter, they are the same as offered by Mammoth in the US. They are spring loaded but you can remove the springs pretty easily on one or both axis.

I'm opening preorder right now, please write in this thread if you want to order.
To make it easier for me, please specify the number of PCBs, panels and joysticks you need.

Cheers w00t
I'd like 1 PCB, panel and joystick, please.
Order list:

Name [number of PCBs] [number of panels] [number of joysticks]
Green Name means paid, red name means shipped.

Joysticks are sold out!

spneca [1] [1] [1]
jaidee [1] [1] [1]
malnatim [2] [0] [2] cancelled
sammy123 [1] [1] [1]
DJBRUTAL [1] [1] [1] cancelled
Bamboombaps [1] [1] [1]
Morbid [1] [1] [1]
Jop [1] [1] [1]
broon_777 [1] [1] [1]
sendhelp [1] [1] [1]
roglok [1] [0] [1]
pre55ure [1] [1] [1]
pix [1] [1] [1] cancelled
donpachi [1] [1] [1]
hi0b [1] [1] [1]
Menocu [1] [1] [1]
colorbars [1] [1] [1]
JanneI [1] [0] [1]
ebardie [1] [1] [1]
thorncore [2] [0] [0]
heapish [1] [1] [1]
oberkorn [1] [1] [1]
Reality Checkpoint [1] [1] [1]
teebeehex [2] [2] [0]
BARE BONES [1] [1] [1]
mckenic [1] [1] [1]
Sammus [1] [1] [1]
makers [2] [2] [0]
ubiquiphilia [1] [0] [0]
mikecameron [1] [1] [1]
cupwise [3] [3] [3]
nat601 [1] [1] [1]
StormB [1] [0] [1]
crustibooga [1] [1] [0]
lamouette/rck [2] [2] [2]
momo [1] [0] [1]
Gnetic [1] [1] [1]
sduck [2] [2] [0]
gianni [1] [1] [1]
tommy.york [1] [1] [1] (+ Waveslicer Set)
albut [1] [1] [1] cancelled
Peake [2] [0] [1] cancelled

Stides [1] [1] [1]

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---
All Joysticks orders from here on are on the waiting list.

audiohawk [1] [1] [1]
nickster [1] [1] [1]
d.simon [1] [0] [0]
webboy [1] [1] [1]
timpecter [2] [2] [0]
DonaldCrunk [1] [1] [1]
synaptech [1] [1] [1]
apoisontree [1] [1] [1]
appliancide [3] [1] [0]
I'll take a PCB, panel, and stick.

Any thoughts of adapting this for 4U??
i'd like 1 pcb and 1 joystick please.
Pretty nifty, reversing the frontpanel! thumbs up
jaidee wrote:
I'll take a PCB, panel, and stick.

Any thoughts of adapting this for 4U??

Not yet but I could do that if there is enough interest. I don't have any 4U though so I would need help from you 4U guys!
I'm in for a pcb/panel/stick. I'm really glad to see this. I've been looking at joysticks for a while now.
1x pcb, panel, and joystick for me please.
pcb, panel and a stick please
1 Full set please.
Pcb, Panel and Joystick.
Great to see this happening :-)

One full set for me please, panel + pcb + joystick

How much HP is the panel?

Looks great!

PCB, panel and joystick for me please

I am in for one as well
in for PCB and stick screaming goo yo
Yes please!

1 each of
pix [1] [0] [1]
donpachi [1] [1] [1]

1 pcb
1 joystick
Jop wrote:
Great to see this happening :-)

One full set for me please, panel + pcb + joystick

How much HP is the panel?


Oh I forgot to add that. It's 14hp.
I'd be in for [1] [1] [1]!
One pcb, panel and joystick please!
One pcb and joystick pls!
One of each please.
2x pcb only please thumbs up
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