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TRISPECTRUM - Revision 2 - Video Posted!
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Author TRISPECTRUM - Revision 2 - Video Posted!
Thank you for the info.

Ok, just got back from WMD and I talked with Bill and Tyler and got some new ideas and some technical info I was desperately needing. I will get to work trying a few more ideas out.
This thing is quickly turning into a beast. The more I have time to work with it, the more I think, "that would be a nice feature to add and that too would be nice". This version includes much needed bufferred mult outs of pre and post-VCA and also CV control over octaves. I know I need to record some audio, so I will be getting around to that, but thought I would update the thread to let you know which direction I have taken so far. It is now up to 48HP!

Crazy hot!
Its so awesome to see guys in the eurorack world putting the time and budget into true instrument design in a creative and no-compromise matter, even if they know it will be slow selling, just because its something that should exist and would be appreciated smile Keep making instruments art! They dont just need to sell like hotcakes Guinness ftw!
Thank you GryphonP3, I feel humble and excited to have this opportunity at this stage of my life. I hope to have plenty of years tinkering, testing and daydreaming more ideas and concepts. These ideas primarily take shape after several hours playing with the modules and studying their unique strengths and weakness'. I encourage everyone to start looking at the back of their modules and dream as much as you look at the front of them. Basic wiring and basic solder skills with a little perf board and you can start building your own beast. Here is a rare back pic of this module so far.

id buy a third mangrove for this! hmmmm - might pm you
I see vactrols...
Posted a little vid of it in action.
Jump to 3:15 for the audio and play through a decent pair of monitors!

that video was extremely entertaining. well done.
Thanks, man.
Recently been using it with a customized O&C and they are a match made in heaven!

i can't image some of the wild and beautiful sounds that would evoke..
Holy crap! Any way to get my hands on one of these?!?
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