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Driving MIDI from a modular
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Author Driving MIDI from a modular
I've been playing around with my ComputerVoltageSource modules recently. BasicMicro release a new development environment for the AtomPro processor and I've been testing and updating my programs. I've been verifying some of the programs by using my modular to drive some of my MIDI gear. I just uploaded a new sample "Stuttering" of a pseudo-sequence driving a Sound Canvas.

The sequence only takes 5 modules: clock generator, CVS4 (divider & pseudo sequencer), PSIM (SC-7 program), LFO, and a SoundCanvas.

The divider & pseudo-sequence program generates a repeating pattern that I use for a sequencer. I have it programmed with four dividers: /4 (75% duty cycle), /5 (66% duty cycle), /6 (50% duty cycle), and /7 (43% duty cycle). Each output (1 or 0) is used to multiply the associated front panel control (0 to 10 volts) and the outputs are added and scaled to generate a 0 - 10 volt CV output. I also translate this voltage to a MIDI note. You simply dial in the pseudo-sequence with the front panel controls. I am using the output of the /6 counter to modulate the clock frequency to generate the "stutter".

The SC-7 program takes this MIDI note and assigns a program change (e.g. instrument) and scale (-2 to +2 octaves) and sends it to my SoundCanvas. I am using the divider CV output to select the instrument group and the LFO selects the specific instrument within a group. The patch sequences through the notes and instruments in a repeating pseudo-random pattern. I could do all of this in a single program but rather create separate module "personalities" that I patch together.

It struck me as kind of a mesmerizing sequence. I like the effect of changing the instrument on a per-note basis in MIDI.

Sounds great Dave!
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