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Just finished! Custom 12-space clear acrylic cabinet.
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Author Just finished! Custom 12-space clear acrylic cabinet.
Bryan B
This is a custom 5U case that I designed and built for a friend. It is basically the first prototype for the custom sized ship-flat cabinets that I am considering making for people at some point (once I iron out some more of the details). It is made of 3/8" clear acrylic, has an IEC cable connector (with power switch) and features handles for transporting and sides that protect the knobs if it is set on the face.

I mounted and wired up the AC power and on/off switch (to the power supply).

It has 2 Dotcom Oscillators, MegaOhm Dual LFO, Dotcom VSF, MegaOhm Delta VCF, 2 Dotcom EG's, Dotcom VCA, Dotcom PSU and wireharness.

really great work!
WOW!!!! Looks fantastic!

Does it gots blue lights inside? thumbs up
Looks great! thumbs up
Just me
Pretty nice! Now imagine a CCFT in there! Really cool on stage.
Spiked Lunch
Very cool!! Rockin' Banana!
That's beautiful and well thought out (grips and protection). Are there vent holes at the top ? What's the weight of the acrylic compared to wood/mdf?
Beautiful work, Bryan! I'd be tempted to snip the excess cables in the harness in a case like that.

Pozor wrote:
Are there vent holes at the top ?

I'm only seeing screw holes, but it looks like the handles are open. I used to wonder about airflow until I realized that all 5U modules have "vent holes" on their panels. hihi

I'm not a huge fan of see through cases, but I can't fault you on the design/workmanship. That's quite a handsome piece of work!
Spiked Lunch
bwhittington wrote:
I used to wonder about airflow until I realized that all 5U modules have "vent holes" on their panels. hihi

Haha! hmmm.....
Looking VERY nice! Well done!
Bryan B
Thanks for all the compliments!

I have 4 3/4" holes in the top (for sliding the wire harness cables up into his next cabinet), but no vent holes other than the jacks. I also have some holes for screwing a second cabinet directly to it. Circulation holes would be something that I could add quite easily if someone wanted that. Would that be a common request on a modular cabinet?

I have templates drawn up for mounting the STG Distro board and could add other popular formats as well.

It is pretty heavy because it is made of thick acrylic. Maybe a bit heavier than MDF but in the same ball park. I think the PSU is a little less than half of the weight. Acrylic would take more abuse than MDF but it would show more scratches.

I only used solvent to attach mounting blocks for the Power Supply, the rest is all screwed together. This would allow someone to replace any part that got damaged or easily change rail formats. In this case, there would have been 12 screws to attach the sides and back if I had shipped it flat.

There aren't any lights installed, but one could easily wire up their own lights from the 120AC or DC from the PSU.
I've never heard of any 5U cabinet really needing ventilation. There's plenty of room and the jacks themselves provide plenty of air holes. And you've got two huge hand holds cut into it. I'd be surprised if you really noticed much heat build up.
Just me
The fewer holes, the less dust and critter hairs inside.
Fantastic! Any plans for cases with more than one row?

(Give them everything and the response? We want more!) hihi
Bryan B
No plans really, but I am planning on adding another row to the 19-space case that I made first. I will probably just build another case and combine the sides from both into one piece.

It would be cool to make a larger double row version.

Ask for more, all I could say is no. But I could say yes as well!
Wow. Absolutely beautiful work Bryan. I want one! It would look great next to my Ludwig Vistalite acrylic drums...

Bryan B wrote:
Acrylic would take more abuse than MDF but it would show more scratches.

Luckily, with a little elbow grease and the proper compounds, those scratches could be polished right out. It's actually quite easy to keep acrylic looking shiny and new.

SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
Beautiful looking case, and a great small system! You could almost power this with a Dotcom QPS2! I like the contrast of the acrylic with the Dotcom Modules! Brilliant!
Looks awesome. What are the switches on the envelope gens for?
My facial expression looks just like your avatar.
Sweet case!
I like the extended sides.

thumbs up
I really can not get over how cool this is.

Along with Vistalite drums, it would go great with the acrylic Mellotron:

With the Ampeg Dan Armstrong acrylic guitar and bass you could have a plastic band!

With the right module selection you could probably use the QPS2. That way you wouldn't have that big power supply blocking the rear view. No extra cables on the harness either. Instead of that AC connector/switch panel, you could just have a little hole and the cable harness could just slide right through. Plus, no power supply mounting means no need to use that nasty acrylic weld...

I can't really tell from the photos... Do the end pieces extend down to make "feet" or does the bottom panel just rest on the ground?

I would LOVE a little 12 space acrylic case like this. Let me know when you're ready to start selling these.

good job. were you inspired by Prince's plexiglass Hammond organ?
essex sound lab
Beautiful, Bryan. Really, really nice.

Looks like something Jonathan Ive would do for fun.
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