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Multimix output pot mod
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Author Multimix output pot mod
Using my large 5U modular live, I sometimes need to do some custom work on the modules in order to facilitate live performances. Now I really need to add an output volume pot to my multimix module (issue 4). I already have a custom front panel (2 units wide) with some expanded alternatives, and space for the output volume pot. But how do I implement this? At first I thought about putting in simple on/off switches for the OUT- and OUT+ output sockets, but I really need variable output. This will mostly be used for audio, so I have set up the MultiMix module with only positive-going input pots (from 0 to 10).

The simplest alternative is of course to just use a dual (stereo) pot between the output from the PCB and the output sockets (I am wiring up directly and not using the socket board because of the custom front panel). But is that wise? Or is there another, better alternative, maybe earlier in the circuit?

I need to control both the outputs at the same time.
Just putting a stereo pot on the output will work. The problem with it is that you'll have a variable and relatively high output impedance. With a non zero output impedance the output will not be able to maintain its level the more you load it up with inputs. In practice this is not really a problem for audio routing if you use a 10K pot.

Thanks. I will remember to use a 10k pot, and not the 50k pot I originally had in mind.
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